Fans of Friends at the Table

I appreciate people bringing this thread back around every now and then. I JUST finished Winter this week, and started on both Bluff City and Twilight Mirage. Looking forward to them both!
The different strata stuff in Winter? Fucked me up. Also, pattern magic is wild.


I appreciate people bumping this thread every so often because I regularly feel “oh, I should probably try to get into FatT”, and then have no idea what’s a good place to start at.

Are there any suggestions [other than the ones on the website ]?

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I think the recommendations on the site are good. :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like it really depends on what would and wouldn’t work for you, personally. I started at the beginning and had a great time, but people who care about audio quality more than me might want to start with Counter/Weight, or they might really be into fantasy over mechs and cyberpunk, in which case Marielda would be a better fit. The older stuff is better if you want to binge through it, while Partizan seems like it’d be a fine place to start and is no worse if you’re only listening week-to-week anyway.

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The current season has started relatively recently and doesn’t require knowledge of the previous seasons. There are a few references here and there but never anything that would confuse a new listener.

If you prefer fantasy over sci-fi another great starting point is Marielda, a relatively short miniseries of 14 episodes. I still start up an episode now and then just to listen to the amazing intros :smiley:


In addition to those suggestions, the three-episode playthrough of The Fall of Magic is really lovely and wistful and strange, showcases the Friends’ storytelling dynamic with very little time spent on discussing rules and mechanics, and requires no outside knowledge; I usually suggest new listeners start there or with Marielda for that reason (a lot of moments in Marielda cast light on the mysteries of Autumn in Hieron, but you don’t need that context to enjoy it).


I’d push back on saying Partizan is the best place to hop on, as great as it is so far. Like, you definitely COULD start there, and you’d enjoy it a lot, but I can’t help but think it would be even more enjoyable with knowlage of Counter//Weight and Twilight Mirage that it draws from regularly. Like, Clem’s mech being The Panther, Crystal Palace Crashing, the Independance Mechs showing up, that stuff is all one level of great without the context, it gets +1 great with it though. If you’re gonna start with the sci-fi half of the show, it’s gotta be Counter//Weight imo.

And Marielda also kicks ass, I think it and Counter//Weight are the best seasons in terms of being consistantly great all the way through.