Fans of Notorious Streamer Ice Poseidon Revolt Over Cryptocurrency Scandal


A piece of software developed for fans came with an interesting requirement: a cryptocurrency miner.

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quietly adds a tick mark to “number of things I will never understand about Online”


They called it a “shekel miner”, huh? I bet the name’s totally innocent and not at all representative of something darker. I mean, how anti-semetic could death/bomb threat happy fans of a Twitch shock jock be?

On second thought, maybe don’t answer that…


For those interested, a mining blocker extension made the news recently, No Coin. It works by way of a blacklist which is rather small, and doesn’t currently support Firefox but iirc it does block Coin Hive.


I was curious who this person was so I checked out the twitter replies before going to the article and… boy…
Let’s just say I have a much larger block-list now.


Man, fucking Ice Poseidon… If ever there was a person on earth who personified the character traits of “internet butthead” it would be him. Just a complete mess in every single way.


I’m not familiar with this streamer or the cryptocurrency scandal, but wow what a weird thing. The professional relationship between Denino and Andries sounds, at best, distant, in a way that doesn’t reflect well on the former.

Given how young Denino’s fanbase is, I do think that the warning given on the website isn’t really sufficient (especially around the likely increased billing cost). In any case, I’m not sure a pop-up is enough to justify cryptocurrency mining software running on your computer (at least for my personal tastes).


do you have to remember what each of those tick marks represent in case you ever understand one?


While I wouldn’t refer to myself as a fan, per say, I have watched a lot of Ice Poseidon highlight videos (let’s say 40+ hours worth over the last year) with my friend who follows him more closely. This guy is truly an immature child trapped in an adult’s body. He is incredibly poor at evaluating any given situation, and he has no sense for how to run a business or manage business relationships. Given my perception of him, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he really had no idea this coin miner was in the CxStocks software.


The idea of selling and buying stocks in streamers and shit honestly, just as a concept, is fucking reprehensible to me.


How much longer will we have to view this dude’s face splashed across our browsers as the first thing we see when we go to Waypoint? Hopefully not much longer…


Hrm i may need to revise my process thanks