Far Cry 2 is now BC...Waypoint please stream!

Hey all! Just saw that Far Cry 2 is now backwards compatible on Xbox One.

Seems like a great time for Austin to stream this and talk about his passion for it!

I’m still a baby when it comes to this forum, so I hope this post isn’t too light/dumb - but I hope I’m not alone in feeling this way!

Thanks y’all!

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I’d be so down with this. A good potential candidate for the next permadeath if Zelda ever finishes!


Only if Steve Gaynor is there too.


Oof, that would be rough. My memories of Far Cry 2, outside of being impressed by its ambition, are of frustrating battles and constantly dying. Maybe I just needed to git gud, but if I had three lives to get through Far Cry 2, I’d be out before the map shifts.

It took three years for FC2 to click for me. Once I started playing it as a stealth game - the stealth suit is a must - it turned the entire experience and became one of my favorite games on the 360.

FC2 is a rough game technically, and has some really shitty mechanics (malaria, respawning checkpoints), but it’s got one of the most oppressive open worlds I’ve ever experienced in a shooter. Very STALKER-like in a way.

Despite its flaws, I absolutely love FC2. Pretty sure I’ve beaten it half a dozen times since its release. Really miss the super minimalist HUD and in game map. Gave the game a really cool sense of immersion that the newer FC games lack.