'Far Cry 5' is Like an Odd-Numbered Star Trek Movie

Austin, Patrick, Rob and myself gathered around the proverbial campfire today to discuss Far Cry 5, a game that does very little with its political ambitions (and fire mechanics), A Way Out, a prison break game that is a little broken, and more tales from Sea of Thieves. Then, we all got into endorsements (which we still need a more original term for.)

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I haven’t listened yet, but if you haven’t already considered it there’s an obvious cheesey name for your endorsements.



I totally tweeted a reply to Danika about Velvet Sundown.

I really enjoy the endorsements section on Important If True, so it’s great to see Waypoint doing them now as well. As for a unique Waypointian name, I’m not sure.

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How about calling them Pings, like in RTS games and mobas. A little, not particularly intrusive unless the pinger just will not stop, reminder to check or keep in mind something notable

Nemesis, Star Trek, and Into Darkness (and to a lesser extent Insurrection) broke the “even numbers are the good ones” trend.