'Far Cry 5' Needs to Confront Montana's History of Violence and Greed

There’s a great opportunity here for Ubisoft to use the state as an allegory as much as a playground.

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This article seems to be pining for a message the game won’t deliver, but the text also fails to recognize more recent Montana history. The Freemen militia group that called Montana home in the '90s seem to make for a more appropriate comparison point to Far Cry 5’s goals than the motivations and events of the 1800s.


I have a feeling that this game in its early conceptualization was supposed to be set in Louisiana or the gulf area. I mean weird religious cults and vendetta-obsessed sheriffs going after them sounds a lot like True Detective season 1 to me but maybe im looking too hard into it. In theory the terrain of Montana is much more easier to video game-ize than the swamps of the south especially for the Far Cry model. Situating a Pizzolatto-style story in a Far Cry setting seems like a possible development path in this case.

Since the principal antagonists appear to by defined by nationalistic, religious and possibly racial fanaticism I assume (by process of elimination) the protagonist or at least factions you can ally with will be defined by more worldly concerns. I can definitely see those worldly concerns manifesting as both self preservation and justice along side baser material interests. And, judging by Ubi’s track record in past FarCry games, those interests will be mixed up in a big, morally grey slurry; releasing prisoners in one mission and smuggling drugs in the next all with the same people.

I also suspect that Ubi will take the political and social events of the last few years in the states to populate this landscape. I can deffo see them dropping in a DAPL analogue, a pastiche of BLM, border patrol militias, bootleggers and beer smugglers, meth labs and cartels, etc.

I’m sure they’ll revel in Montana’s history of Bad Violence (you know what I mean by Bad Violence, right?), but based on what (granted, precious little) we know, I can’t imagine them turing on Greed in any capacity beyond just more of the same edgy Both Sides Do It crap you get from any other AAA game.

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It could also be that from the perspective of a French or French Canadian studio (or one of a hundred other european or Canadian studios, who even knows) all of America seems, if not all like that exactly, at least more towards that end of the spectrum than they are baseline used to.

that’s the angle that I’m really curious about actually is an international perspective on what is even up with America. it could be more brutally honest about it, it could be a tone deaf mess, it could be a weird mix of both. but for somebody who has an international perspective on America but mostly gets American media about America I am curious what kind of presentation comes out of a studio that is so thoroughly European.


@BananaSam Yes I’m really interested in seeing that perspective. In a cliche way I hope to call this game the “Chinatown of Open World Craftable Stealth Shooters”

i think (as mentioned above) that this game is likely going to focus on the freeman/modern militia movement and not on historical wrongs. I also had to once again roll my eyes at the idea that far cry 2 is the ‘stand out’ member of the far cry series. far cry 2 should get credit for a certain level of ambition, and setting up the true stand out (3) with a lot of interesting ideas, but the game itself is fundamentally frustrating and poorly implemented in the moment to moment activities.

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Will there be Congressional bodyslam DLC?

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I’m going to parrot others here and say that I suspect ubi is going for more of the Freemen militia movement than anything about wealth and the old gold rush. I hope they do, because except for the incident last year in Oregon, Freemen movements haven’t really been in the public eye. I have a friend that was thinking about moving to Montana a couple years ago to be “off-grid” and he is moderately active in prepper circles which are a short step away from the Freemen militias. Some of those organizations can be every ideologically scary, and if any group is going to have massive stashes of military-grade equipment, it will be them.

There are quite a few people (especially around here, I imagine) who adore FC2 and hate FC3, so, yeah.

YMMV but IMO they just have fundamentally different design goals. FC2 is supposed to be frustrating!

OP: I do think the author is right that there’s some hypocrisy inherent in the theming of the series (at least FC2 and FC3 - I haven’t played the others), but I have to think that’s deliberate. 2 is pretty explicitly about the hopelessness and vicious cycle of violence in perennially wartorn countries, and 3 can be read as a more meta-commentary on the role of a player in a modern power-fantasy AAA shooter. (But yeah, I’ll agree with others in the thread that it’s a bit odd to cite mid-19th century history when there’s much in the past few years and decades that seems much more relevant.)

Eh, I’m not rushing to see Ubisoft fumble Natives in their games again. But ignoring the colonial origins of militias and their history as a tool of anti-indigenous violence in the US isn’t helpful or good either. Like it or not, this game and the modern militias it’s borrowing from are intrinsically linked to settler colonialism even if it doesn’t realize it.

Yea I’m just as fascinated to find out which of these comes true. This game will be analyzed a million times before it ever releases, but I so look forward to the thoughtful critiques after it’s in the open.

and while we’re at it, materially this game seems very much in the Far Cry wheelhouse so kind of messed up that this is the one that is going to poured over with a comb because now it’s America.


So is everyone pissed about this game because of Far Cry 3s shortcomings? If so I think that’s a rather obtuse way to criticize a game that’s still in development.

When did they fumble natives the first time? Assassins creed 3 was great and easily my favorite entry. Doesn’t get any better than a knife tomahawk.

Being native myself I never found anything offensive they didn’t shy away from anything. I just remembered the native people in farcry 3 and if you are talking about that then yes I agree lol.