'Far Cry 6' Is Creatively and Morally Bankrupt

I made it five hours into Far Cry 6 before I hit Alt+F4 and walked away. It’s not as if the game had a dearth of things to do; just the opposite. 

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The game’s opening movie is explicit. There are conquistadors, human bondage, and images of colonial oppression. Far Cry 6’s opening hour sets a grim tone as the player watches their friends get murdered by Castillo’s soldiers before fleeing a city in the dead of night. Then you wash up on a bright beach and recruit a futbol jersey-wearing crocodile named Guapo to your revolutionary cause. For 500 Far Cry Points, roughly $4.99, you can buy a cool outfit for Guapo in the in-game store.

Ah, video games…


The fact that they explicitly tied everything to loot that they then sell you in the store makes me grind my teeth into a fine power. One of the biggest mistakes Far Cry 5 made was tying the accumulation of skill points to “achievements” instead of just rewarding you for playing the game. Taking those skill points out entirely in favor of loot they try to sell you is just gross. I would be willing to hear them out if they did a full-on Assassin’s Creed-style reboot but until that point, I think I’m done with Far Cry.

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Play STALKER Anomaly instead!

It’s a lot harder, more realistic, terrifying, and atmospheric as hell.


“harder” and “more realistic” are not adjectives that get me out of bed w/r/t video games but I appreciate the recommendation


Even if you absolutely need a South American “banana republic” setting, Just Cause 2 has ninjas in it and is therefore the superior game.


It disappoints me that Ubisoft won’t do more with this franchise, because all of the similar things that people tell me to play instead force you into a guy player character, and I still genuinely cannot stand games that do that except for a very few exceptions, so I want Ubi to not be crap and actually try with this game that lets me at least not have to feel uncomfortable with the player character.


I may drop 15 for a month of Ubisoft Uplay Connect Whatever and play it with a friend over co-op. That’s how I got my fill of Far Cry 5. We spent the majority of the time spearing people we weren’t supposed to with shovels.

Ah, the periodic reminder I need now and then to confirm why I haven’t picked up any of these Ubisoft or similar games in so long. I know I’m probably nearing the point of insufferability when I suggest I’d rather play indie or older stuff, but by God there’s so much cooler shit out there than this


This seems like a good time to explain why I never had any interest in this game even though I really liked the gameplay of the FC games and bought 5 on release.

  1. New Dawn also made basic crafting materials very rare and then sold them for real money. I couldn’t believe they were making such a bold-faced cash grab in a FULL PRICE GAME.

  2. New Dawn has a note written by Hurk that includes the line below (CW for… sexual alt right rhetoric I guess): We are a sheepdog family. We protect the sheep and make wolves our ■■■■■ who then have to watch while we bang sheep. I’m sure whoever wrote this thought it was a satire of alt right rhetoric, but it’s not, this is a very basic part of reactionary ideology using the specific terms they would use. I have zero interest in playing any game that uses reactionary rhetoric like that uncritically, especially since Hurk is a playable character in both Far Cry 4 (he’s player 2 in co-op) and 5 (in one of the DLCs) and he is always treated as a good guy.

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Something I’ve noticed with the Far Cry series at this point is that the whole frame: the new locale, the showy villain, the central conflict is how ancillary all of that is to the actual experience.

At least the recent Assassins games are the gaming equivalent of trash historical fiction that your dad reads on planes. There’s an inherent baseline of interest in how they’re going to do Ancient Greece. The frame is sufficient in those games to pique interest, whereas in Far Cry it’s often the thing I dread most about a new entry. ‘What dumb shit are they going to pull with this one?’

Far Cry 6 seems like it’s designed to be streamed. All the footage I’ve seen makes it seem like a clip factory, intended to sell copies based on streaming antics. It’ll do well, but it register negative interest from me.


When far cry 2 came out the timeline split. We were given a choice. We could have had sequels to far cry 2. Instead… by some weird corporate mandate… We’re in the bad timeline with far cry 3 sequels.

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Do you think Far Cry 2 would hold up?

It does for me. And I think if it had its systems expanded upon and got a real sequel that moved it more in the survival sim direction than the arcade direction the series has taken we’d be in a better timeline lol

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Me seeing negative reviews for a game:

“That certainly tracks with my expectations, wonder if I’ll come to the same conclusions if I play it.”

It’s a sickness.


I don’t want to give Ubisoft money, given all of the abuse at the company, but I’d have considered picking up a used copy in one of those ‘eh, sometimes I just like clearing a map’ moments if it didn’t sound like every bit of plot was rancid. Which isn’t surprising, but it could have been better than it looked in trailers.

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I’m kinda surprised waypoint even got code for this.

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Honestly if folks have the Ubisoft itch, pick up either Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Immortals: Fenyx Rising (and turn the voice volume to 0). Clear maps to your heart’s content.

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Played a couple hours last night with Ubisoft Connect.

Honestly, like everyone is saying, there’s really nothing here to change your mind about Far Cry 6 if you were tired of the formula.

It seems like the Far Cry formula is like

  1. Charismatic villain
  2. Bases to take over
  3. Open world cruft
  4. Progression system

I can’t quite put my finger on what Ubisoft did to Assassin’s Creed that still left it feeling like Assassin’s Creed (the hood iconography, hidden blade, climbing, and assassinating all stayed but they kind of ripped out the rest of it) such that the change could be mapped onto Far Cry.

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