Far Cry New Dawn

So it looks like the next Far Cry has been announced. We don’t know whether its a Blood Dragon style expansion, or like Primal in that its a full fledged package. And in what seems to be the new norm, very politically charged promotional art that is sure to make everyone in the gaming sphere rationally and calmly discuss the merits of this game.

As for me? Sorry Ubi, you’ve lost my trust with this series. The cover looks rad imo, but the promotional material for FC5 also was fucking rad and that game is a big ole political turd. I’m not getting fooled again. And while GG esque folks have infinite knickers to get into a twist, i’m doubtful many leftist are gonna be as on board.

And aside from the usual “oh ho ho, reverse the races and imagine the outrage, really makes you think hmmmmmmmmm” bullcrap, it seems the usual suspects are really up in arms about the color palette, the bright pinks and blues seeming to invoke a “These colors are for women and 12 year olds, therefore ugly”. its not hard to understand why this is a line of criticism, but its just exasperating watching the usual crowd latch on to fucking anything to make a point.

Any thoughts?

This just isn’t enough for me to raise more than an eyebrow at.

I’d need to see more of what they are going for and what their influences are, since Far Cry 5 showed some degree of promise in its premise but an apparent pivot to focusing on cults over what their pre-release imagery indicated left the game, as Walker said earlier this year, without a compelling thesis or, frankly, much reason to be interested.

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Decent cover art, how about making a game that’s not, you know, bad?

Sorry, but Far Cry 5 is probably the worst game I played this year, just one of the most brainless, uninspired, auto-pilot games I’ve ever experienced. After playing both it and Primal, I think Far Cry represents the pinnacle of vapid open-world design.

And if this is a FC5 spin-off? Well, I don’t see why I should expect much better.


Based on the post-apocalypse setting and the church in the cover there…yeah, this is probably Far Cry 5 related and will probably be bad an unable to actually talk about politics.

Far Cry 5’s push the cult out ending has everything destroyed by a nuclear explosion.

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fool me three times…!!

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I mean, it certainly looks blood dragon-esque at least in terms of using a very similar map. That promo art looks a lot like hope county.

After 5 I’m officially done with Far Cry shit for a while. I’ll check back in if it ever seems like they’ve stopped being the worst for a minute with this game.

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Ubi seems to be on a tick-tock cycle with the Far Cry franchise now, and the fact that this game has a subtitle instead of a number makes me fairly certain that it will be like Primal and re-use a lot of assets from the previous mainline installment in the series.

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Unless they make the rounds with this game saying they’ve learned from 5’s vapid politics and made a game with a coherent point of view, I won’t be convinced that this isn’t the same shit. There’s a very real chance that this game will be positioned as being politics-free following the tough time they’ve had marketing FC5 and The Division 2 while trading in political imagery.

We’ve been down that road already with Fallout this year and it is Not Good.


What would they have learned? FC5 was a huge financial success, i think it doubled the sales of FC4. The only thing they learned was to double down on their formula and being “apolitical.”

There’s plenty of truth to this, but Ubisoft is a creative-driven company and the interviews they gave around FC5’s launch revealed a desire to be taken seriously. Similarly FC3’s creative director was very salty about how the game was criticised for being a white saviour fantasy, to the point where FC4’s announcement was followed by a lot gesturing towards “we know guys, not this time”. They clearly care.

I had a lot of fun with Far Cry 5 once I accepted that the tone was more X-files than Justified, that the overly-aggressive emergent AI made stealth pointless, and that the human companions were total garbage. Which, I admit, is a lot to overlook, but cluttered open world maps are 100% up my alley and I could send my bear buddy to start some shit, so I still had fun with it. Completely empty calorie fun, like Supernatural or something.

My first thought is that the cover looks like it’s trying for Blood Dragon cheekiness, but they kind of covered that already with the DLC. Really not sure what to expect.

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So, uh, I think they’re “Cloverfield Paradox-ing” this game and releasing the day after the show?

That… raises some questions.

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And it looks like the two women on the cover are in fact the main villains. On one hand, women of color can and should totally be bad guys sometimes. On the other hand, i have absolutely no faith in Ubisoft with this franchise so it definitly seems like its gonna be stupid politics and limp quasi both sidesing once again.


Ugh…what a nightmare. Fuck this game.


Also the villain of 5 seems to still be alive and is regretful of his actions and the world he created. It’s good to redeem the crazy fascist white guy but those black ladies are beyond saving of course.


The weird thing about all this is I feel like the season pass content for FC5 came and went without any sort of fanfare or attention. It’s all so stale by now. Techland and Guerrilla are already making much better “Far Cry” games and Ubi continues to change absolutely nothing about the formula, pack it up already


Remember how Far Cry 5 was literally dead on arrival at e3 because that Wolfenstein 2 trailer btfo’d it by actually giving us the klan to kill? Good times.


If I feel the urge to play a brightly colored vehicle-heavy wacky post apocalyptic game I’m gonna go ahead and pick Rage 2 over whatever Ubisoft is throwing out here. At least they had the courtesy of putting some Danny Brown in their trailer


I would buy two copies of a game that had some Danny Brown and three of a game that let me play as Danny Brown.