Far Cry New Dawn


This was my biggest boo of last night. Even more than Red Dead Redemption 2 winning Best Music. I want nothing to do with this game, is there a way to un-buy something? For Ubisoft to pay me not to play it?



Sees Far Cry New Dawn coming out mid-Feb

Looks at release schedule for Jan-Mar

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll play it.


God, why? That’s such a bad idea. Do they want to directly compete with Anthem?


I actually forgot that game existed until you just reminded me of it in this post so I suspect Anthem isn’t going to be a huge seller.

Also, this seems to be FC5 DLC add-on stuff, so it already has an installed userbase.

That said it will definitely be garbage because Fr Cry 5 was one of the most flaccid games I’ve ever seen.


It’s not DLC, stand-alone game for $40. It’s Far Cry 5’s Blood Dragon (FC3)/Primal (FC4). Same engine, same map with a sweeping cosmetic and narrative change.

Edit: New Dawn is a bit different than Blood Dragon and Primal since it is a continuation or FC5’s narrative and justification is the events of the ending in FC5.


I wouldn’t know Smash was coming out if not for the very recent release coverage by GB and Waypoint, and that thing’ll sell fine, so I’m not sure I’d bet too much on Anthem being a bust just because you’re not especially interested.


Really? Well, I hope it sells okay, mainly so DA4 doesn’t get canned.


That was my reaction as well. Admittedly, I am biased as a ridiculous BioWare nerd and I’m in the Anthem closed alpha program buuuut yeah I am definitely going to be spending time with Anthem instead of what looks like a kind of bizarre Far Cry spinoff starting in Feb.


Okay, so a budget title…that costs forty bucks.

Uh. That seems a bit much.

Man, Ubisoft can’t stop making bad calls with Far Cry lately, huh.


But that’s the depressing thing! FC5 went on to sell like hotcakes while Wolf2 bombed (i absolutely loved it, but last I checked it barely broke 1 mil copies). That dichotomy between those two games in particular i feel has taught execs all the wrong lessons.



I didn’t know that. That’s really sad.


Yuup. fc5 basically doubled fc4’s sales i heard. Wildlands and the Division were huge sellers too. There is literally no incentive for them to change their current course.

(I say…as I continue to log hour after hour into R6 unabated…)


To be fair, Siege is maaaaaaybe Ubisoft’s GOTD, all things considered


Yeah, I think they care about being taken seriously, but don’t actually want to follow through with it by saying anything serious.
Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, and the game will actually have something to say about power and society and marginalization, but It seems like they’ve been down this road several times before. There’s an initial reveal that gestures toward some political statement, and then they spend the rest of the lead up to the game denying that statement.
They released that cover art knowing the conversation it would generate, and I guarantee that in the coming weeks there will be an interview with one of the devs where they say that they just thought they were cool characters and didn’t have any intention beyond that.

Also, are you all as tired of this aesthetic as I am? After years of grim and gritty wastelands, this type of stuff seemed like a breath of fresh air, but now I feel like I’m being choked by the pink smoke plumes of yet another generic Burning Man knock-off.


It’s really weird because Origins and Odyssey were great. What is it about that side of Ubisoft that is knocking it out of the park while this side is getting errors left and right.


I kinda like the look of the game because it reminds me of Annihilation, a very pretty movie.

But I also agree that there’s an annoying trend of artists mistaking “colors” for “aesthetic”. It feels like more of a financially motivated reaction to trends, which it probably is.


Because Ubi doesn’t see it as errors and is telling them to “keep doing what your doing, it’s working.”


Far Cry is bereft of ideas and appears to function now as Ubi’s open world junk pile. Is Clint Hocking still at Ubisoft? I wish they would hand him the game to make a shooter with a serious tone again like FC2. It’s been steadily downhill these last ten years.


Looks like he hasn’t done anything since 2013, where he was a playtester on The Novelist. Everything after is thanks or mention of him as a backer for a project.


I’m one of those people who really likes Far Cry 4 and completely skipped Primal and 5, so I’m still open to the idea of a big, dumb far cry but boy did they flub this one. Way to take all the wrong lessons from 5.