Far Cry New Dawn


The story trailer dropped:

This looks just as bad as we all feared. It’s hilarious to me, just how tone deaf and off the mark this is. The two women of color are the bad guys? Yep. Joseph Seed is your friend now? YEP. This iteration of Far Cry continues to worship at the altar of Red Dawn? YEEEEEEEEEEEP.

It, this ain’t.


If you take away all of Joseph Seed’s bad writing, bizarre worldview, and everything else in that category, that dude still looks like a dork and I don’t want to be around him.


He’s like Matthew McConaughey minus all the charisma and charm.

This game looks like ass, no thx.


Watched the trailer. 1) wow, the black women antagonists just sound… like stereotypes? Maybe?
2) “Power is the new currency” are you sure it’s new

It took ten years for Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2 to be sequelized into total jokes. They got there.

Okay I actually can’t figure out what Joseph Seed’s role’s gonna be but he does say “you need my help now?” or whatever in the trailer so… that seems like yeah, bad.

And it maybe seems weird to call the faction led by two women the Highwaymen. Like I know Highwaymen is a concept that exists but… idk there’s a lot of words in language.


I’m placing bets that your protagonist from 5 is going to be the main antagonist once you finish with Seed and these girls.

But yeah, why on EARTH did they think Seed was the character we wanted to see return?


Had to watch the trailer to see how they characterized the villains and, boy… The transition from the protagonist’s generic, non-regional accent (aren’t they in Montana!?) to the antagonists just really leaning into being evil capital B black characters is jarring. I checked the wiki to see where they’re supposed to be from but it just says that the Highwaymen are a nationwide gang.

So if I’m understanding this trailer correctly the story setup is that a group of mostly white survivors are getting by in the post-apocalypse until a gang led by black women (whose accents imply they’re not from around here) invades and the only way to stop them is to team up with the cult leader based off of white supremacist militias. Am I reading too much into this? Because it sounds insane that in 2019 someone thought this would be a good idea.


My bet is there’s one or five of those “subversive alternate endings” to really make u think about the implications here.

This game seems like it’s gonna be great and as reductive as this may be I want so bad to just listen to Waypoint tear this thing apart.


Like… When I saw footage of this game, and saw that they were stealing from Annihilation DIRECTLY. I was like FUCK YES, this is the direction I want. I have wanted Far Cry to become STALKER for years now…


But now I’m seeing gameplay and… Dubstep music?



As fun as I’m sure that would be, there’s a part of me that kinda wishes we would all just collectively stop with the Far Cry series. It feels like we’re just encouraging bad behavior at this point.


I mean far cry 5 was the 7th best selling game of last year, it’s kinda past the point of stopping imo.


God I think that’s wild, even removing the narrative problems I really think that game is not that fun to play, with the “take you out of the world to do a bad mission” stuff that happens, what, 9 times? Plus the fact that there’s documented evidence the game will just throw shit at you like it’s worried if it doesn’t you’ll get bored and leave… god, what an insecure game.


I know, and I know I don’t really have the right to lecture anyone as a big fan of other severely problematic games myself, it’s more wishful thinking than anything


I guess since they don’t have the opportunity to erase the protagonist’s player-selected gay/lesbian orientation and force them into a hetero relationship in the Far Cry games like they do in Odyssey, Ubi just decided to go with awful stereotypes for this. Gotta have something terrible!


Yeah I mean it’s not like I’m gonna buy itBut that’s not gonna stop everybody else from buying it either unfortunately. So at the very least I want a snarky article or podcast


It’s good to remember that leftists ripped FC5 to shreds while every brand of woke cryptofascist started kissing up to it because it became a thing leftists criticized. On top of that, the average video game boy is pretty susceptible to falling for these games’ faux-charisma, there’s a reason they’ve frontloaded the Charismatic Villain thing in every single mainline entry. People tapped out of the discourse expect a lot less from games than movies, so even a shitty McConaughey wannabe acting like a wispy creep shoving his lovingly rendered glasses and face into the camera is enough to catch eyes.

Market incentives say angry white boys who want to prove just how much they don’t care about things by antagonizing minorities were the biggest publicists of the last game, their controversy-marketing didn’t work in the other direction, so this be what we get. I actually want to look at the credits at some point and see if they brought in their Clancy writers for this, especially if it’s the person responsible for The Division’s BLM boss.


Another important detail I forgot about, Dan Hay has legit prepper fantasies and FC5 came about from his paranoia, not specifically a fear of white supremacy.

This explains a whole lot.


Yeah that dude seems like he has no critical frame whatsoever and was just responding poorly to the current political climate. At least Alex Hutchinson, who directed FC4, seemed like he was trying to make a Far Cry game whose politics weren’t The Worst. I know people talk a big game about FC2 but that game is nihilistic in an edgy-teen Nietzsche-quoting ass way and conceives of Africa as an unending war zone where culture and community don’t exist. These games have never had good politics, but they’ve always been ambitious in the kind of stories they’ve tried to tell.


In FC2’s defense, it’s almost 11 years old and in 2008, a game that constantly reinforces that you, the player, is a stupid asshole who’s doing nothing but perpetuating a cycle of violence was novel.


That’s fair. I just often feel the need to point out that Far Cry 2 is an interesting tonal and systemic experiment for Big Games which means a lot of its bad ideas go overlooked

Also, I sincerely believe Far Cry 4 does not get enough credit for trying to tackle the theme of colonialism in a multi-faceted way. Sure, it’s a game of arbitrary binaries. See that torturer from the US? He’s also a good dad! Things are way more complex than you think! Well done, Alex you have recognised that people can’t be boiled down to a single character trait.

Nevertheless, it walked a fine line between both-sidesing everything and being genuinely open hearing both arguments from each of the resistance leaders and offering serious rebuttals to both. Normally I cringe when games like Dragon Age do this, but Far Cry 4 seemed like it was genuinely curious about what the player thought was the best response to colonialism. And although I’m by no means well-versed in Himalayan culture, there was so much of it in FC4 and it was deeply tied to the narrative

Basically, give Ajay a chance people.


Gameplay wise, I felt incredibly burned by 4’s spinoff, Primal (I only played 5 because I figured I should if I was going to criticize it mercilessly), but I may just do that.