Far far away: Games or activities about going somewhere, anywhere else


In the wake of leaving a significant job, I’ve taken up biking a lot in my spare time. It allows me to burn through time, and more importantly, it allows me to be anywhere else that isn’t my apartment, where all I can do is ruminate on what was and could have been. I greatly enjoy the feeling of moving, and more specifically, moving somewhere else and seeing all sorts of places.

I feel like this can happen in games too, and it’s something I’ve experienced in MMOs. Many games transport the player, but, it’s a special game where a large part of the joy just comes from being in and traversing the world. What’s your favorite game or activity that takes you somewhere else that you can use as an escape?


I love Destiny and Destiny 2 for this. I have pretty serious anxiety issues and having a few gorgeous space places I can go and do menial chores in is fantastic. It’s probably the most chill shooter series Ive ever played, ready to offer a serious challenge when asked, but otherwise staying in this constant state of homeostasis. When the floor feels like it’s gonna collapse from under me, I can always become an immortal space wizard and ride around on a hoverbike.


I love parkouring in the Assassin’s Creed games. Sometimes I forget where I was actually going and just aimlessly hop from rooftop to rooftop. There’s something very satisfying about the way the game lets you be in a continous flow of movement.


Subnautica - stick on the Interstellar/Inception soundtrack and go exploring. Something about being an alien in an alien ocean, itself an alien environment.

Just don’t have the Jaws soundtrack queued up…