Farmers gonna farm (Stardew Valley Thread)


The low-stakes daily rhythm of Stardew Valley has helped me through some very bad times and I’m grateful for that; it is, in essence, my self-care game to go to. I currently have 69 hours logged (nice) and it’s very easy to come back to, especially if you play it in a laidback way.

I find that one of the strong points of this game is that it can be played in many different ways and they’re all equally good: my brother, for instance, paid meticulous attention to his crops and making money and had barely filled out any hearts with the townfolk, while I was doing the opposite; both of us were having a lot of fun.

What do you enjoy about this game? Any hot tips? Characters you love? Who did you marry?

Oh, and post pics of your farms. I want to see them!


I bounced off Stardew Valley pretty hard the first time I played it, decided it wasn’t for me and then uninstalled it. I can’t remember what exactly it was that convinced me to pick it up again but I’m glad I did.

If I had to pick a single word that best describes Stardew Valley it would be thoughtful. Everything in the game feels made by someone who really loves farming sims but is very aware of the areas in which they fall short. I think this especially shines through in the romance. The characters and the relationships you can develop are really well written for a game where romance isn’t the only reason to be play (thought it’s a big one let’s be real cha boy loves a kissing game).

For example, Alex was a character who, once I got to know him better, totally defied my expectations. At first blush, he seems like a very stereotypical jock and was honestly pretty off putting. Hello, toxic masculinity. But when you put the effort in to get to know him you find out that he’s really just an insecure person who’s had a difficult life and who feels like he has to put up this front of machismo to protect himself. He is so much more than just your first impression. Y’know, like a person. That is something that I think is missing from a lot of other games in this genre.

And that pretty much sums up a lot of what I love about Stardew Valley. I felt genuinely rewarded for putting time and effort into it. Whether that was raising crops and animals or building relationships with with the townsfolk. That thoughtfulness that’s put into the writing permeates pretty much every part of this game.


I like how you put this, because everything you do in this game is very rewarding. I remember reaching the bottom level of the mines and feeling extraordinarily triumphant (especially since those mines gave me major anxiety and I conquered each floor with sweaty hands).


I play 1-2 days every evening before bed, I’m in year two, haven’t done a damn thing for the villagers. I hit the desert mine when it’s rainy, otherwise I just grow crops and tend to my cows and chickens, and forage where I can. The thing that has me coming back the most might be the soundtrack. I LOVE the soundtrack to this game.


Sid already perfectly described Stardew Valley so I’ll just move on to the fun bits.

Hot tip: Make wine, or beer. Just go to town on producing booze in some form or fashion.

Which character do I love? Maru. I’m a scientist, she’s a scientist, she’s smart, mildly eccentric, adorable, and funny.

Who did I marry though? Abigail. I couldn’t bring myself to marry Maru because it seemed like it would be crushing her dreams. Abigail on the other hand is already the daughter of the general store manager and she likes adventuring, which makes sense for a farmer who is also a part-time dungeon crawler. Also she eats rocks, which is equal parts weird and awesome.

I’ll see if I can find a picture of my last farm before I stopped playing. It was heavily modded at the end to make my farm extremely efficient and automated with sprinklers and a bunch of barns filled with barrels.


I was quickly obsessed with Stardew Valley once I picked it up, and sunk many hours into building my life there. Then I got distracted by bigger, more dramatic titles. But this thread has inspired my return to the Valley! I’ve got a lot of work waiting for me there, as well as a couple specials someones who I want to start a family with. Currently torn between focusing my affections on Leah or Abigail… Why must I choose?? Monogamy is a myth!!!

But really, how much does it matter who you marry?


This game rules. I even wrote a thing about it, here. I really need to get back into it, I got into like midway of Year 2 and kind of burnt out, stuck on a few last items in the Community Center but basically ‘did’ everything else.


My favorite game of last year! When I get home I’ll definitely post a pic.


Not that much; it’s flavor more than anything. Each spouse will give you different gifts, and each one will have their own unique house furnishings to bring. If you’re stuck between Leah and Abigail, I married Abigail on my first playthrough, and Leah on my current one, and I much prefer Leah since, personality-wise, Abigail staying at home all day makes no sense, while Leah staying home all day makes perfect sense – so Leah’s transition to a spouse was much less jarring for me than it was with Abigail.


I put about 100 hours into it when it came out. I’m a little into year 3. Only about half my farm actually had crops planted. I’m not gonna bother planting anything if I don’t have a sprinkler and scare crow protecting it, and the good sprinklers aren’t easy to come by. I didn’t do as much with the villagers as I’d have liked. I maybe spent too much time mining and fishing. My brother in law only mines with explosives and that seems like maybe a better way to go.

I’ve been meaning to make a new farm ever since they added all those new farm types, but I also don’t want to put another 100 hours into it. Maybe when multiplayer gets added. Also, I knew it was gonna come to Playstation, and if I’m gonna play it again I might as well get some trophies for it.


Thank you for confirming how I already felt! Leah gave me a sculpture called “How I Feel About Peep” (Peep is my character name lol), and that 100% made me swoon. I thought it was cute, if not slightly too meta, that Abigail was into video games and we could play them together, but her attitude overall seemed more like a kid than someone I’d want start a family with. Think Leah is much more my vibe in the Valley.


I married Maru because I love science ladies, and she’s adorable…I did think Maru was probably the character that goes through the least development though, which is a shame.


Stardew is sooo good. I’m trying to get back into the game after the big update with the farm types. It’s been hard after sinking 50+ hours into my original farm.


I’m so so so thrilled this game is coming out on the Switch, portables are just so perfect for these kinds of games. I put ~50 hours into it on PC and still only felt like I had just scratched the surface. I saw almost none of the event scenes, I only got to know a handful of the characters. Really looking forward to diving back into it.


I have 140 hours on Stardew now, 100 from last year and 40 from this one. Definitely GOTY 2016 for me. That’s the result of it being my go-to podcast game, more than anything, but I can’t deny that I find it really sweet and satisfying overall.

My first playthrough I got to about mid-year 3, married Maru, and then dropped off because I felt pretty fulfilled with my farm and knew I wouldn’t be able to finish some of the stuff in the Community Center quickly because I’d missed the cooking show or it wasn’t the right season to catch something. I’m on a new file now where I just got to Year 2 with plans to marry Haley and finish the Community Center ASAP- I’m already almost done! I may be getting a Switch soon (have to see how summer work plays out) and if I do I will inevitably do it all over again. Maybe marry a dude this time? Alex?


I found out that you can share your farm pretty easily at Upload.Farm

Here’s my year two:


I really like Stardew Valley because I enjoy the fantasy of escaping from society and retreating into nature. Like… I enjoy nature now, but I would enjoy it Even More if I never had to deal with a septic system or black flies.

Of course I also play my game modded, mostly because when I play a game that’s ostensibly about building your own world away from society in the throws of nature I don’t enjoy being told I have to conform to petty shit like the gender binary?? So I run a gender neutral mod and that’s cool i guess.

I run other mods as well that help with the user experience and once I get a good ~~aesthetic~~ chosen I’ll start dabbling with texture mods but for now I run a pretty much vanilla game by most modding standards.


I played about one year of Stardew Valley and loved it before my computer crashed. Now I just desperately wish it was on 3DS so I could still play it.


“Low-stakes daily rhythm” captures so much of what draws me back to SV. I’ve got an embarassing amount of time in this game. Let’s just say more than 400 hours. Started maybe 6 farms, taken 4 to the end game, and yet haven’t done all there is to do. And the game is okay with that - I don’t feel punished for my choices about how to spend my time.

I’m a big fan of the Riverlands farm for replayability. Between panning and daily encounters with treasure chests you get a critical mass of random drops, and no two runs are alike. For example, I once earned the rusty key (and access to iridium sprinklers) before I’d finished the community center. Another time I got a level 7 weapon and a level 9 ring within the first week. With food buffs less urgent for combat, I deferred grinding for a kitchen in favor of … okay, yeah, I spent that time fishing with my bunny.

Favorite things:

Fishing with my animals. I so enjoy watching the cute sprites while waiting for the fish to strike. Sometimes they path into me - it’s as if the chickens walk up and cuddle me.

Late game fun = overlapped pathing ranges between the animals and the junimo. At one point my li’l buddies had to walk around the sleeping cat, and my heart just melted. I also enjoy watching them cross bridges.


I just figured out that I can cast my fishing line over/beyond small items like crab pots or say, a cat that flops down on my feet while I’m walking to the riverbank.

You can catch fish from tiles of a town bridge and a mountain lake bridge. Not saying which.

There are only 2 places where you can have the flower and the bee house on different islands. However, you can place bee houses on the dock.


I just can’t choose to love only Abigail or Sebastian, I need a threesome option.

Also, I like dat fishing, strangely cathartic without all the boredom of real fishing.