Farming game suggestions

Hi All. I sunk a few hours into the demo for Forager last night, which was included in the new Humble Monthly Bundle. The demo was pretty limited, but I played long past I’d run up against the level restrictions, because it was so darned soothing to collect, plant, harvest, upgrade, repeat. I found the action-first, and almost arcade-like straightforwardness of Forager to be really appealing, and it made me want to seek out farming games which go beyond being Harvest Moon tributes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You might enjoy slime rancher? That has much of the aspects you are after plus a cutesy aesthetic.


I mean Stardew Valley is honestly unbelievably good. But it might be worth checking out some of the farming simulator games, I found I got some of the same feel from them


Thanks for the suggestions! I love Stardew Valley, it’s a miracle. I haven’t tried Slime Rancher, but it’s on my list. I’ve never tried any of the farming simulator games. They always kind of intimidated me, because it seemed fiddly, but I love the Euro/American Truck Simulator games and also My Summer Car, so I guess I’m fine with fiddly.

The farming in Starbound is not the primary gameplay mechanic and can be vastly improved with some mods but I found it appealing enough. Great chill out game similar to Minecraft where you can just spend hours building your base/house/terraform a planet then go hunt for more loot then come back and do it all again.

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If you’ve played Truck simulator and Stardew, then Farming Sim will be a breeze for you.