FASHION POLICE: The Wonderful World of PUBG Custom Modes


(from the team that brought you Winters)

Well, here we are, folks: I’m stranded in the middle of a field carrying only a wretched white tank top and a rusty sickle, and my friends are closing in fast. @KestrelPi, @Vivaldist, @Orpheus94—the whole gang is converging on my position with their guns drawn and my trusty jeep is all out of gas. I might have had some equipment to defend myself if not for the fact that I dumped it all behind a rock five minutes back in a risky move to win a very dangerous game. What happened here?

Ever since we stumbled our way into accidentally inventing Winters last week, my friends and I in the Waypoint fan discord have been hard at work coming up with increasingly zany custom modes to break with the traditional gameplay of PUBG as much as possible. Winters has quickly become our most common game mode, to the point that I can hardly remember the last time I played an “ordinary” game. We’ve played a whole host of custom modes that appeared in the original Winters thread and in the replies to one of Austin’s tweets, each of which has delighted us in its own way.

But I’m not here today to tell you about those modes. I’m here to tell you about FASHION POLICE:

  • Everyone enters the game wearing nothing but a utility belt.
  • Drops are done Winters-style—each player drops to their own location without collaborating with their team.
  • The goal is not to equip yourself with gear, but with clothes. Each player crafts the best look they possibly can given the clothes they can find during the first few minutes of the game. (Weapons, vests, vehicles, etc. are permitted as accessories).
  • Once the first circle closes in, the team meets up to judge each other’s looks.
  • The player with the worst outfit, as decided by popular vote, is sacrificed to appease the fashion police.

The very simple rules set up here led to one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, in which my team voted overwhelmingly to sacrifice me (“that’s not a look, that’s a travesty” - @Orpheus94), but hesitated long enough for me to hop in a jeep and run away. Having dropped all my gear momentarily for the sake of cultivating an outfit, I was left with no way to defend myself against three hoodwinked teammates armed to the teeth with good reason to hunt me down. This ended up leading to such a fun and wild car chase (video below) that we’ve added a final rule to this excellent game mode:

  • The player with the worst outfit gets a head start to run away before the rest of the team hunts them down.

By the way, in that game? I killed them all (VIDEO).


My excitement for this new game mode is tempered by how upset I am that all three of us, armed with guns and armor, failed to kill a naked man with a sickle.


This was definitely one of the silliest pieces of multiplayer I’ve ever been involved in and I highly recommend it for a wind-down session in PUBG at the end of the night or something.