Fave Mario Shell


What is the best Mario shell?

I think the Green shell is the best. While not as powerful as the Blue, or accurate as the Red, it isn’t held back by a predetermined path. The ultimate freeform shell if you will.

Let me know what your Shell opinion is below.



The best shell is the Red Shell, because Red is a very good color! Usually at a wavelength of 400 to 700 nanometers, red is the perfect color for shells, dresses, bowties, and colors of pasta sauce! Red can be used for painting a room, a very lovely sunset, a couch, or even flowers! For all these reasons and more, I think the red shell is the best shell!


The blue shell is the only one that gives you wings when you swallow it whole, so probably that.


Whence yellow shell


green is good for the environment, in that it goes off the edge so I don’t die to it as much unlike the devil reds


I change my fave shell to this big spiky one. What a good shell.


Team Blue Shell over here. Blue is a go-getter it’s a shell with purpose. It has one direction and that’s forward and onward. It’s an underdog story of starting at the bottom and finishing at the front in a blaze of glory.


The one Luigi uses to suffer all the slings and arrows of the world and still be a hero to the people who do nothing but insult him.




Buzzy Beetles are basically part shell, part friend! Yes they are friends I won’t hear a single word to the contrary


i find it strange…we speak a lot about mario shell, but never about, mario’s hell…


Triple red shell. Practically guaranteed to wreck 3 of your nemeses.


The “Kamikaze Koopa” (yes, really…) shell flashes a rainbow of colors and gives Yoshi flight, the fire blast, and a big stompy all in one.

It’s the “Shell for the Yoshi Who Has Everything.”


Gotta go with the lazy shell in honour of Big Boy Season.


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