Favorite Anime Episode

I just wanted to see what everyone’s favorite anime episode was. Mine would have to be Episode 4 of Kare Kano. Not only is it a perfect example of how the show blends comedy and romance seamlessly, its last four or so minutes contains one of the most emotionally gratifying moments in any anime I have ever scene—for the love of god, the way the music builds into the big moment takes my breath away ever damn time.

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Asteroid Blues from Cowboy Bebop. 'nuff said.


The finale for Trigun, Under the Sky So Blue, is my favorite. It all culminates in this one scene where Vash, the badass who can get out of any situation unscathed and with a smile is put through the ringer against his biological equal and now has a gun to his face. And he’s sweating, and scared. The best part is that so is Knives, his brother.


The end of Gurren Lagan. Super uplifting and a hell of a spectacle


A thousand times this.

I’m also extremely fond of The Day Tokyo Stood Still from Evangelion.


I don’t typically track my favorites, but certainly the most memorable episode that comes to mind is S01E02 of Mirai Shonen Conan. Conan’s grandfather dies, the only other person he knows and loves, and he goes up on a cliff and hurls rocks off of it.


this thread made me realize I’m very bad at thinking of Just One Episode as a fave, but Baseball Blues is definitely a big standout

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The spaghetti episode from Diamond is Unbreakable.
The Sailor Moon episode with Haruka and Michiru’s backstory was really good too.

  • Gon going nuts in Hunter x Hunter, I don’t think I have seen another episode with that much of a hype.

  • Episode 7 of Sakamichi no Apollon, where Kaoru and Sentaru play the greatest medley ever.

  • The final episode of Ping Pong the Animation, with the Smile vs. Peco match.

  • The Naruto vs. Sasuke fight in the end of the first run; no matter what Naruto turned into after that, it’s still a great fight!

I guess my favorite big moments are all about rivalry :stuck_out_tongue:


Mad Pierrot from Cowboy Bebop. The whole episode is wild, it has EVERYTHING.

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The Final Episode of the OG Hellsing anime when he’s allowed to cut loose and release all the limiters. Shit gave me goose bumps.

  • Second episode of Mushishi. (There are a bunch in this series, though).

  • Baseball episode of Star Driver.

  • Weed episode of Samurai Champloo

Recently I thought the Maidragon episode where Kanna goes to school was really good.

Hard answers to give off the top of my head though, for sure. I feel like there are probably some episodes throughout various SHAFT series that deserve some credit.


-Like @pedroteixeira, I adored Episode 7 of Kids on the Slope. I already was sorta into jazz, but the way that show animated musicians was so revolutionary. UGH.

-Balled of Fallen Angels (Episode 5 of Cowboy Bebop). That fight scene at the end gives me chills every time I see it. It’s so stylish and rich.

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Any of the Cowboy Bebop episodes already mentioned depending on my mood.

Hajime no Ippo at the conclusion of the fight with Sendo.

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Josuke Vs. the baddie of DiU- it’s an excellent demonstration of why JoJo is amazing.

The episode of the Kirby anime where King Dedede forces the entire town to animate a show starring him.


The episode of the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam where Amuro reunites with his mother on Earth, is a weird standout favourite episode of mine. It sold the idea of the entire franchise to me. Gundam may be a franchise about giant robots fighting, but beyond that there’s a very real emotional core of these fragile young people being forced into combat and the realities of what that does to a person.



Nichijou episode 16. It contains what may be the funniest scene in the show, as well as a subtle resolution of one central character’s main conflict.

Honorable mention: Having recently rewatched Samurai Champloo, episode 11, the one where Jin falls in love with a prostitute, is a really fine 20 minutes. It also contains two songs by Nujabes and Tsutchie that are still unreleased outside the show, grr.

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Ep 24 of Evangelion, “The Final Messenger.”

Kaworu’s love for Shinji felt genuine, and their emotional intimacy felt so real and comforting after the relentless isolation of the previous few episodes.

It only made the moment where Shinji crushed him with his own hands that much more gut-wrenching.


Three way tie between the episode of DBZ where Gohan owns the shit out of all the Cell Jrs, the Gaara vs Rock Lee fight in Naruto, and the episode of Heartcatch Precure with the Cure Marine vs Kumojacky and Cure Sunshine vs Cobraja fights.
I admit that last one is not as widely known as the others but it really should be because Heartcatch Precure is the best superhero show ever made.