Favorite 'bad', unsuccessful, or otherwise niche movies


The Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie joint film Hackers (1995) is an objectively poor film in a lot of ways.

It is also one of my favorite movies of all time.

It brilliantly captures the hope and power of youth and optimism, and the ability of belief in what is right to make change happen. It is a film that completely misses the basics of how technology and computers work but understands that they will change the world and that a new generation of young people will be the ones making that happen.

I could keep going about what I like about their ridiculous, made up hacker sub culture or how they portray teenage rebellion or how they represented androgyny and similar things decades before that largely became mainstream. I could talk about loving their absurd dream sequences turned hacking montages or the crazy teen club where they all roller blade and smoke cigarettes. I won’t keep going though, for everyone else’s sake.

My point is that I love this movie despite its flaws as a film and I recommend anyone and everyone give it a chance and see if they don’t find something to love, even if it’s just a vaguely ironic ‘bad-good’ night of fun.

What movies do you love which either were critically or publicly panned or otherwise failed? What kind of movies may we have all missed based on popular word of mouth that you think we should give a chance?


The live-action Cat In The Hat movie is a masterpiece, and I will defend it until I die.


Final Destination 3 is an objectively awful horror film, yet I have seen it upwards of 7 times. The writing is just terrible enough to be hilarious while still feeling sincere, and the effects are schlocky, but actually kind of ok?

The film is also pure mid 2000’s culture distilled into 90 minutes. It has the clothes, the lingo, and of course, the flip phones. I am almost shocked that there weren’t any scenes in which characters were watching the music video for Crank That (Soulja Boy) or listening to My Chemical Romance. It’s just a really dumb, funny movie to watch with some pals.


Speed Racer.

I don’t think it’s a bad movie (it’s one of my favourites) but I think it counts as one of those ‘poorly reviewed, beloved cult classic’ kind of movies.

I think it’s way ahead of its time in terms of visuals and John Goodman gives one of my all time favourite performances. He makes me cry every time I watch that dang movie.



I unironically cherish the live action Mortal Kombat films


Even Annihilation?


Great pick! I love the visuals. Such a beautiful movie. It’s a joy to watch.


Kicking and Screaming. :roll_eyes:


Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen definitely has problems, but it’s also got some of the best practical effects, set design, and art direction of any fantasy film.

It was also wildly unsuccessful, pulling in 8 million dollars on a 47 million dollar budget.


Charlie’s Angels is elemental.


:purple_heart: FDR all american badass :purple_heart:


My friend and I accidentally kissed due to a speed bump on the bus on our way to see that movie.


Saw this thread, immediately thought “Speed Racer obviously,” and then you beat me to it.

One of my absolute favourites (I guess that’s obvious, given my avatar :P), and one of the very very few movies I can rewatch an infinite number of times and always have a big stupid grin on my face the entire time.

It came out in my last year of high school, and my friends and I all had a couple of spare periods most days. We saw Speed Racer in IMAX literally five times. Most of the time we were the only ones there.

(Caveat: I do want to also acknowledge the problem Speed Racer has- namely that it’s another case of an Asian property adapted with an almost entirely white cast. I think it’s still a beautiful, fantastic movie, but I try not to heap praise on it without acknowledging the rough context it exists in.)


I have no idea why but whenever Accepted (2006) is on tv I sit down and watch the whole thing.


Hackers is also what I immediately thought of when I saw this thread. It’s so so good.


Ok wait I totally forgot but also Blair Witch 2 is not a complete dumpster fire its just only sorta bad and confusing and marred by bad editing and studio interference but the parts that are good are pretty dang good


I could wax rhapsodic about Jupiter Ascending for days. It’s a pure weirdo delight from start to finish I love pretty much everything about it.


The Jet Li/Jackie Chan joint The Forbidden Kingdom was a good ass movie, despite the whole “mediocre white boy goes to a non-white culture, is the chosen one” thing.
The 1990 Dick Tracey movie is insanely good looking and colourful and does some amazing things with prosthetics. It’s the very definition of style over substance, but it’s so worth it.


I have a big soft spot for the Mythica movies, which were made for approximately two dollars and as far as I can judge are basically someone’s D&D game made into cinema, and by “cinema” I mean “cheap straight to the bargain-bin DVD.”

For all that every part of them is objectively bad ( with the possible exception of the cast who do a pretty great job with limited everything ) they put in effort way above their budget and they are a lot of fun - I enjoy their ambition and their ridiculousness equally. Ideal to watch with your most sarcastic friends.


I really liked the Hobbit films. Which is utter blasphemy in most communities. I liked them allot more than the book.