Favorite Christmas/Holiday themed levels?

With Christmastime kicking off in earnest this weekend, I was wondering what are your favorite Christmas (or generally winter holiday) themed levels in video games? For me, it would have to be the first DLC I ever downloaded; the Sonic Adventure re-skin of Station Square. By today’s standards it isn’t much, but it blew me away that I could download something from the internet and have it change how my game looked.

So break out the egg nog and let me know what festive levels you like! Merry Christmas Waypoint!

One that first comes to mind is the level “You better watch out” from Hitman: Blood Money; nothing says “happy holidays” like a bald man in a santa suit garrotting a millionaire Hugh Hefner type.


This game was so weird.

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I enjoyed Hitman (2016)‘s “Holiday Hoarders” mission. They did a pretty nice job of sprucing up the Paris level and having an interesting premise that was a bit beyond just “here are your targets”.
As well, it’s nothing special but I’ve always enjoyed Christmas NiGHTS (NiGHTS into Dreams’ holiday spin-off), and the holiday decorations in the towns of FFXIV are cute as well.


Secret of Mana’s quest to save Santa from Frost Gigas is way up there.


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Just bought and played through most of Undertale tonight, and was surprised and delighted to find the little snowy Christmas town early in the game.

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sniff I’m not crying, you are! Shut up!:disappointed_relieved:


Christmas Nights into Dreams

Unfortunately you need to unlock it in the Steam version wich is unnecessarily annoying when you just want some christmas spirit gaming. (Edit: someone beat me to it of course, that’s how christmas-y and memorable it is! :slight_smile: )

Last christmas i played through Sam & Max: Ice Station Santa. A nice 2h christmas themed point n click experience i can recommend.