Favorite Companion


If you had to pick your favorite video game companion of all time who would it be?

As for me - I don’t care how cliche it is; Garrus will always be the homie. At the end of the day there’s no one I would rather stand on a bridge, drink beers and shoot the bottles with.


This is such an impossible question, but either Garrus or Varric.

I remember these were my picks from IGN’s “Ultimate RPG Party” poll a few years ago:


Agro from Shadow of the Colossus; I don’t think I’ve felt as deep a connection to a virtual character since.


Boone in Fallout New Vegas. He had a helpful habit of sniping enemies who were so far away the landscape hadn’t even rendered in when the camera zoomed in on them to show their death. He was moody and not much of a conversationalist, but it felt really cool having a quiet companion to wander the wasteland with. His passion for murdering pesky Caesar’s Legion slavers was just one more reason we got along splendidly.


I don’t know about favourite but I’m pretty fond of the Guardian Spirit in Baten Kaitos.
(i.e. You, The Player)
It’s slightly meta which I suppose isn’t to everyone’s taste but it’s really nice that You actually have a specific role in the narrative, accompanying and watching the hero on his journey.


alastair in dragon age origins!!! to me a total babe, funny and well-meaning and generous even though he’s kind of whiny (i’m whiny too! so it’s ok.)

i’ve also struggled with that game a lot - have lost a lot of save files and with new attempts to get through it i’ve found the main quests more and more interminable. that bloody forest. and the WEREWOLVES, ugh. but the characters make it worth it, and alistair most of all.

in my personal dragon age canon he remains a grey warden through inquisition, and grey warden alistair might be my favourite recurrence of a past-character in a game that i can think of. they grow his character really well. he’s very weary and kind of bitter about what’s happened to him in the ten years since, but… the original character is still there. he’s still the same goofball, although he’s grown up and he’s been hurt by the world.

i also like how openly he will just profess that he loves the player if you romance him! and that he brings this up a lot in da:i if you bring him in as a warden.

oh dear this is essentially just a long post about my first videogame boyfriend, but i am not ashamed. he’s a good videogame boyfriend.


Pretty much any Dark Souls NPC, especially the ones who exclusively turn up as summon signs.

Thank the lord for Felicia the Brave in Vanilla DS2 Shrine of Amana.

And the DS2 DLCs had a whole bunch of weirdly emotive summons who’d “well, what is it” right in front of enemies and chuck “hello” carvings at every opportunity.

But also the Final Fantasy XV gang is great, probably the best implementation of companions in any game I’ve played. I love it when folks you’re with do stuff on their own, and actually display interest in things rather than hanging about like robots.


3 way tie:

Alyx Vance

Honorable mentions to all the FFXV bros


URGH alistair urgh I agree I love him (and agree about the forest, and the deep roads, and the-, well anyway) but he broke my heart and I can’t deal with it.

in my dragon age canon alistair dies to stop the archdemon because he wouldn’t let me do it and I

damn it alistair

also shout out to Anders from DA2 I guess. I played 2 first so anders was my first videogame boyfriend but I will never forgive him

If you love someone you tell them about your terrorist plots, ANDERS


This is an incredibly difficult question. I can’t choose an overall favorite so I’ll pick my current, Yusuke from Persona 5. I want to hang out with him everyday and help with his art. It sucks that he is pushed into the background as the game goes on because he is by far my favorite character in Persona 5.


BT from Titanfall 2 is pretty great. He’s extremely helpful during the story, likable and has some great lines too.

BT-7274: Pilot, this Titan weapon is an advanced design, and may give us tactical advantage.
Cooper: [teasing] I think someone’s in love…
BT-7274: The human concept of love requires admiration, attraction, devotion, and respect. Conclusion: I am 50% in love.

and also:

Cooper: Missing me already?
BT-7274: I was not firing at you pilot, that would be a violation of Protocol 3.


Carth from KotOR, obvi. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Was just scrolling through my steam library trying to jog my memory and PAWNS from Dragon’s Dogma FOLKS. Man, I ADORE those things. Such an incredible combination of lore and AI making the most believable companions in any game. They’re presented as basically a step up from robots, so with that expectation set their standard AI-like behaviour just seems 100% natural, and every time they do something that goes beyond those expectations it’s THE BEST. Like, whoever decided that they could LEARN QUESTS from other players and SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THEM when they come back is a GENIUS. And that’s not even touching on how they’re linked to the main narrative and the now famous “This story is brilliant now” near-end twist.

A few others worth shoutouts: Borderlands’ Mordecai’s Bloodwing, Borderlands 2’s Gaige’s Deathtrap, Quiet(fuck you I liked her humming and basically everything about her companion mechanics) and basically all the MGS5 companions, and the Binary Domain Rust Crew.


Half-Life has a bunch of good companions, but your vortigaunt friend in episode 2 is the best.

Also Prey turrets who say thank you when you upgrade them. Good pals.


Hell yeah, Pawns rule. I came here to talk about my Pawn, Andre. He’s the dumbest motherfucker on the face of the planet (Andre no matter how often you hop in place you won’t be able to hit that dragon with your hammer) but he is my big large friend (Giant, even) and I love him.



Quiet was super cool. Sans the whole “she breathes through her skin so it’s okay to sexualize her” bullshit.




Oh, it’s Alyx Vance, from Half-Life 2.
well… it might be Ellie from The Last of Us now, actually.


Oh yes, definitely!
I had a hard time thinking of any companion I truly liked, but you are completely right - the pawns were amazing. Their banter was great as well. I think I’ve more than once read the opinion that they were too chatty, but I absolutely adored that part of them, whenever I hear those phrases now it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a strange thing, but I got really attached to the pawns; my own especially, of course, but even other ones that I travelled with for only a short while of our story. Sending them away with gifts really felt kind of meaningful, probably because I got really excited whenever my own pawn came back with something that was given to them by someone who had deemed them valuable in some way.
What a great game.