Favorite current meme?


NO OFFENSIVE STUFF!!! look at this. OK YOU’RE TURN what’s your favorite meme?!!


I am unreasonably fond of White Guy Blinking.


the correct answer to this question will always be :plur


this is my favourite one.


Elon Musk memes get me


I love my friends was sort of the forerunner of the wholesome memes phenomenon but it’s never really gotten stale because it’s just something you say occasionally and nobody’s going overboard making tons of unnecessary content for it. It’s just there, and it’s nice.


It’s gotta be really bad




i am a huge sucker for the Bone Hurting Juice meme and I have absolutely no idea why.


This is probably as good an opportunity as any to ask what this one’s all about!


It’s Milhouse, the best meme.


Honestly the most enduring meme to me is Loss.jpg. Somehow people keep finding new ways to reference it and I always laugh when I realize whats happening.


0.5 A presses was probably the best meme of 2016

but my favorite will always be mac nuggets (thematically related to OP)


brain meme is incredible but also

cans with the lads


This one, too.


Oh, also those Star Wars who would win memes are pretty good. I’ve only actually seen two of them, but they were very good.


My favorite meme is that anime is good

lmao c’mon


Happy Meme Monday everyone!


i am going to un-admin you and then ban you from this forum if you don’t stop it with those bad takes!!!


YES. Please more audio memes. I NEED THEM.