Favorite day of the week?


We have our highs and lows during the week but which day has us jumping for joy.

Friday is my fav since I’m at my peak performance, if I had a bad night at least I know I can get a great night sleep over the weekend, and a chance to dine out.


Sunday. Its a really nice comedown day, and is usually very calm and quiet.


Friday nowadays, because although sometimes it hasn’t worked out, ever since school I’ve had a rule that I try to stick to which is that unless there’s some urgent thing, something that can’t wait, or some one off thing happening, Friday nights are mine.

No hanging out, unless I want to.
No working late, unless it’s absolutely necessary.
No feeling guilty about being lazy if that’s what I want to do that evening.

More often than not I just chill, but I love that, knowing that no matter however many hobbies and interests I have, however busy things are at work, I’ll (almost) always have Friday night.

Tonight- well, I have a feeling it’s gonna be a lazy one, but after that, I’d like to get around to some music project work.


Tuesday. New games come out. The Bombcast comes out. I get to go play volleyball with a bunch of friends. There is usually a hockey game on.


Probably Monday? The week has refreshed and is full of potential!


Did not expect to see that as an answer. Saturday is the best. Got to sleep in and can stay out late.


I work Saturdays so I don’t get a “weekend” as such. I work every day of the week except Sunday, and while Sunday is nice, Monday has that “I could do anything with this week!” feeling. This is also connected to me doing uni - I usually have deadlines, coursework, and it’s hard to feel behind on anything on a Monday.


Saturday is really the day I like those most I guess. I work weekends sometimes, so I don’t always get to enjoy the full experience. But I really like the feeling waking up and knowing that I don’t necessarily have to do anything. I can just enjoy being at peace. At least for a little bit.


I love sundays because they’re so deceptive. the work week is impending and I want to prepare for it, but I also want to enjoy the last vestige of (for me) non-capitalism-imposed need to work for money. So I end up napping, reading a lot, playing Prey, writing without looking at the clock…


Awesome, is your music online anywhere?

My answer is also Friday because, it, is, FRIDAY. After a particularly rough week. Yessssssss


Thursday, because Friday is a cruise day so I can theoretically stay up late and it won’t matter.


Sure, thanks for asking. I’m going to be working on the orchestral version of this for a game where there’s some switching between orchestral focused and chiptune sounds (and you’ll find other stuff on that Soundcloud)


But not tonight. Friday night is all mine to be lazy in. Saturday or Sunday for this.


I’m also a fan of lazy Fridays. After the week it just makes sense. 2nite: maybe try and play some Binary Domain after reading. It’s happening!


I can’t get past Friday. By Sunday I’m already counting down till the next work week- Sunday is also the day to “get shit done” around the house. I don’t mind midweek - Wednesday and so in. But Monday and Tuesday are definitely the enemy.


i’m all about wednesday. reasons:

  • longest number of letters out of any day. eat shit, saturday
  • many of those letters are not even pronounced. at least two of them
  • cannot be clearly slotted into either the front or the back of the week
  • is also a character from The Addams Family, a claim no other day can make

as far as days go i give it a 6.5/10


Saturday because I set it aside as the day I do no chores or work of any kind.

But let’s be really real here: the idea of having a favorite day of the week probably revolves around the fact that most of us work or have some sort of scheduled life expectation.


Thursday! It’s friday eve but rn I substitute teach during the weekday (make my own schedule) and work Friday-Sunday at a taproom. I’ve decided to make thursday my set day off so I can rest up before the work weekend.

I made this my 100% off day: no teaching, no applying for jobs, no writing, no video editing, just chilling. My brother is a musician and has this day off as well so we both hang out together. 2 weeks ago we went to a Cubs game at 1:30pm. It sucks to work the weekend but I love having fun in the middle of the week, while everyone else is at work.


Thursdays for me! For one, Thursdays are therapy days which means being out and about is forced upon me. This is good for me because I’m the kind of person who can just stay in a house for as long as possible because I never muster up the energy to leave or go anywhere. (It doesn’t help that I don’t drive and it’s a 15-20min walk to the nearest bus stop and then I have to transfer buses at least once to go anywhere interesting.) The other reason why I like Thursdays is that it’s usually when my body’s lack-of-sleep self-correction kicks in if I’ve been going to bed too late so I go to bed at an appropriate time and don’t feel guilty about staying up too late.

So, basically, I like Thursday because it’s generally the day where I get to feel the most like an actual person instead of an ooze monster when left to my own devices.


Power ranking:

  1. Saturday (I get to sleep in as I have a soulless desk job and party should I choose to)
  2. Sunday (also get to sleep in, but have to deal with Monday the next day)
  3. Friday (the light at the end of the tunnel)
  4. Wednesday (The day I buy new comics)
  5. Thursday: Foreplay, but not quite there
  6. Tuesday: Better than Monday
  7. Monday: Just the worst.