Favorite Flash Games from yesteryear?


Newgrounds. Kongregate. Miniclip. Once havens for free, dumb, immature, and even artful experiences alike. Some sites still offer these experiences, but will never live up to their former glory. What were your favorite flash games from these sites?

I was partial to the Ray series, which originated on Newgrounds. It was a dark, bloody interactive adventure type game with South Parks artstyle and I adored each Installment.


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ImmorTall. It’s a short game where you play as an alien that gets dropped onto Earth. Things develop FAST. And it’s pretty touching.


Was Line Rider a flash game? I played the heck out of that game in my middle school computer lab. At some point the game was updated and they added boost and brake lines, and it blew my mind wide open.

The ports of the game for the Nintendo DS never captured the magic of gathering my friends around the crappy PCs to see how badly we could destroy the scarved man, though.


I played so many games on newgrounds, the one that comes up first in my head is this one Mario sidescroller, except it’s a bloody beatemup. Yeah, it’s silly now, but back then I thought that was RAD.

(Also, technically not a game on newgrounds, but smbz was a huge part of my childhood back then)


I definitely misread that as Flesh Games


My dude, for a good while Line Rider was THE flash game. That and N were the kings of elementary/middle school computer labs everywhere in the mid 2000’s


i said no Meet N’ Fuck


OMG, how did I forget about N??? That game was awesome.


Games like Looming and Babies Dream of Dead Worlds are definitely things I stumbled onto while browsing Kongregate which had a lot of sway over me. Also, googling to find those two is the first time I’d noticed they were both by Gregory Avery-Weir! Who had done a lot of really great work.


Stick RPG. I always used the babelfish translation trick to play it in the Jr. High computer lab.

Stick RPG Complete


Boombot 2 was the best game on coolmath-games.com which happened to be the only site NOT blocked back in junior high


Newgrounds has that covered, believe it or not


Also there was this dope ~edgy~ game called Alice is Dead that I only ever remember playing the first part of


Stick RPG ruled. Did you ever check out the sequel?


I would always come back to Stained Glass, The Baseball Club, Dice Wars, Hanafuda Flash and Kaeru Jump on GameDesign.jp. I bet I played those first two on and off for 3 or 4 years. Used to always play the new stuff that they put out as well, but it doesn’t look like they’ve added anything new since I last visited 5 or 6 years ago.

Iccarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing tho.


Swords and Sandals all the way


Nope, but that is 100% happening tonight. Does it hold up?


It has been a solid couple of years, but I distinctly remember me and my bud wasting an entire day on it. If i had to wager a guess, id say it does.


Coolmathgames was indeed the place to go once the school blocked all the fun stuff. I remember playing some monster truck game there? but it could be on another school friendly site.