Favorite Game from Last Year


Put down your favorite game from last year and we’ll end up with a nice list of games for everyone to check out and play.

My pick is Stardew Valley. I’m not normally into simulators, but Stardew has tons of depth and charm. It’s a great game if you just want to zen out for a while and chill, or you can get really serious about clearing the mines and heading out into the desert. It’s full of surprises and I can’t recommend it more.


I love this thread - with the breakneck pace of game releases, especially this year, it’s so easy to forget about all the cool stuff we played in 2016.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but the games that have stuck with me the most emotionally:

  • Inside
  • Duskers
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy

Hefty shout out to XCom 2 and Hitman as well.


I’m gonna say Firewatch and DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 for two different reasons. Firewatch was a gorgeous game with a storyline that explored some themes that were I think very good for me to enage with at the time since I was going through some Things, DBXV2 is just a fantastic fanservice game for someone who grew up on DBZ, and although they didn’t expand a ton on DBXV1, I feel like it is still a very good game.

Dragon’s Dogma came out for PC at the start of 2016, and that was the first time I could play that game, so I’m going to put that in as a special “2016’s old game of the year” style category I guess.


Inside is incredible.


The Witness is my favorite game of 2016

The Witness is a game that inspires tears; tears of joy, tears of frustration, tears of beauty, tears of sadness. If you don’t like puzzles, and more specifically the process of understanding the logic that makes the puzzles tick, then this game probably isn’t for you. But it is certainly for me, and I don’t regret any of my time with this game.


Devil Daggers imo


Probably Forza Horizon 3. Honorable mentions to Firewatch, Virginia, Titanfall 2, and Uncharted 4


It’s nearly impossible for me to choose between my top 2, VA-11 Hall-A and Ladykiller in a Bind. I generally prefer very linear, very story heavy games so I have a great fondness for visual novels and both of these were fantastic ones for very different reasons. Forced to choose I might go with VA-11, but they’re both exceptional IMO.


2016 was not a great year for me personally as far as playing a lot of new games goes, but I would tell anyone fond of adventure games to try Oxenfree if they haven’t.

Also Thumper is a great “meditation” game.


It was a hard call between Oxenfree and Titanfall 2 last year, but I’d probably give the nod to Oxenfree as it scratched a very specific narrative itch for me.


There are too many games last year that I wanted to get around to but either didn’t for no good reason (unless existential dread over the election counts as an excuse) or couldn’t due to my old, decrepit PC.

Out of what I did play, I’d probably put Rhythm Heaven Megamix on top. Was a huge fan of the DS game, but never played the GBA or Wii ones. It’s a really large and solid collection of games from all of three previous games (though they did leave out Crop Stomp :expressionless:), plus some new ones that were pretty memorable as well (the lumberjack one with the weird tanktop-sporting cats and the one with the sad bear eating sweets come to mind).

Honorable mentions include Devil Daggers, Enter the Gungeon, Pokemon S/M, and Overwatch. As soon as I get around to building a new PC I’m gonna be playing some catch-up. I pine for some Hitman in my life.


I’m going to have to say Uncharted 4. I know that isn’t the most shocking or original answer, but as someone who really appreciates cinematic storytelling I think that what Naughty Dog managed to pull off is remarkable - especially that epilogue! Extremely unexpected and I could even see that being used as a way to continue the franchise YEARS from now. After four stellar games the crew at ND definitely deserve a rest from this franchise.

If you like pulpy romps across the globe and haven’t played these games, I highly suggest them - while not perfect, all are great in their own regards.


I liked Stardew Valley a lot… I don’t think anything topped it.


Oxenfree had one of the most emotionally compelling stories I’ve ever experienced in a game, so I think that was my true favorite, but I also had a great time exploring the world of Shardlight and learning so many interesting characters through it.


DOOM, by far.

I don’t know another game that has so deftly managed to tie everything about it - its mechanics, its thematics, its aesthetic - so cleanly together, and all with one single gameplay gimmick. The glory kill system does something that even the original DOOM struggled with at times, it keeps the player aggressive, on the move and always in the thick of the fight. And that Id Software managed to wrap those mechanics in a story that straddles the line of sincerity and pure Evil Dead style buffoonery is deserving of praise - so is the fact that they managed to give a silent protagonist far more character than most meat head white dude FPS protagonists.

Also the soundtrack, aside from being so damn good, is another example of how singular this game in its focus. The dirty synth infused metal soundtrack ties directly into the aesthetic of the game - the H.R. Giger-esque marriage of flesh and metal - and the pacing is pitch perfect. The composer, Mick Gordon, stated how he would watch gameplay of DOOM and setup a metronome so that his composition would match the tempo of the gameplay, and it shows. The soundtrack turns every combat encounter into a macabre ballet of blood and guts.

Honestly I could talk about this game for hours, I love it - more than the original DOOM, even.


Don’t forget that the OST intermission tracks with VO are all about the “Doom Marine” literally being an avatar of slaughter let loose upon those who would seek to wield the power of hell all throughout time. The soundtrack itself isn’t just an accompaniment to the game but is also expanded fiction about the game.



I think it’s tons of fun, and I’m still playing endless mode on a regular basis.

More than worth the price! I can’t wait for SUPERHOT VR to come to Vive in an official capacity.


I’m gonna give the most boring answer ever, but it’s Overwatch undoubtedly

I have never had a game hook me this much, I have played it every week for almost a year, and as someone who has never held onto interest in a game that long this is a truly unique, magical game to me.

I found my desert island game.


Doom was an easy win for me. I can forgive the lackluster multiplayer because I expect multiplayer shooters to be disappointing these days by default.


Pokemon and Tokyo Mirage Sessions were good, but Kirby Planet Robobot became one of my top favorite Kirby games.

A giant robot spaceship lands and turns a bunch of Popstar into robot tech stuff. The spaceship is run by a tech company, essentially. Happy little Kirby then goes and beats them up and kicks them off Popstar. There’s some plot, but if you like Kirby games or 2D platformers and are sometimes frustrated by tech companies, this is a very fun game to play. Also, this is one of those 3DS games that makes turning the 3D on worth it even with some performance issues.