Favorite Game To Play On Your Birthday


Hey everyone! Today is my birthday and I wanted to know what everyone’s favorite game they like to play on their birthday. For me in the past, it was always Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Can’t do that now until the PS4 versions come out, but that is what I always played extensively.


Animal Crossing! I like the idea of having all the villagers wish me a happy birthday.


the wall game! game where you stare at a wall for 12 hours & no-one bothers you


Happy birthday!!

I’ve always enjoyed playing a Mario Kart grand prix on my birthday. It’s just fun, bright, and not salt heavy if you’re not online haha.


Thank you! And thank goodness I know what you mean when you say “salt heavy” because I was immediately about to say “wait…:who uses salt in the mushroom kingdom?”


If time permitted, I’d totally play through Grim Fandango on my birthday. Most every detail is already seared into my memory, but if a piece of media can represent one’s happy place, Grim is mine. To the point that even just Manny’s footstep sound effect is a salve for my soul.


I don’t have a singular game, but the one I keep going back to is Outrun 2006. There’s something about the amazing arcs of those drifts and that music that feels like an amazing escape.


The Void. I think because my birthday is often very sullen and that game feels quite poignant.