Favorite Game Trailers?


I’m a huge fan of trailers. There’s something about a developer having only a few minutes of video to dazzle the masses about an upcoming title that really produces some incredibly memorable trailers for their titles. I feel like in recent years people are taking a negative stance against gameplay free cinematic trailers but I think some of them are incredible all the same. What are some of your favorites throughout the years, and how did it impact your perception of the game in the months leading up to release and upon actually playing it? I personally still get chills watching these few gems:


The main theme kicking in gave me some hard chills when I watched it for the first time


runs out of thread


I remember watching this thing over and over on a DVD that came with an issue of Nintendo Power. Got me so pumped for this game…it was okay, I guess? Well, whatever.


Say what you want about this game, but the MGSV trailers were top-notch


Zelda might legitimately be my favorite trailer, but this thread wouldn’t be complete without my boy Kojima.

I’ve probably watched this trailer at least 50 times. It just had such a weight and gravitas to it that very few trailers capture. It’s that magic thing Kojima always does where he makes you incredibly intrigued without actually revealing that much about the game. The new Death Stranding trailers have been the same way for me.

But as an alternative to this ultra-cinematic style of video game trailer, I want to offer this rare trailer for Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. (The best Naughty Dog game)

It captures the spirit of the game and sells me on it’s mechanics, art style, and world diversity, without wasting time trying to get me to care about the characters or story. I think there are many games today that opt for the more cinematic trailer, when their game actually calls for something more like this. Just show me the fun things I can do in your game.


The MGS4 E3 2005 announcement trailer definitely takes the cake for me.


This thing is so meta, even by Kojima standards.


I could do this all night.


I came to this thread to post that exact mgsv trailer. it was kinda better than what we ended up getting??


I can’t say I agree, considering what we got is the greatest Stealth-action game ever made. But yeah, great trailer. Got me into New Order and by extension Joy Division.


This trailer blew me away:


i mean yea gameplay-wise it was kinda flawless, but story-wise there wasnt much that wasnt in the trailers yfm?


In fact, there were some things in the trailers that never made it into the final game. We never see that bird eating that dude in the nuclear trailer, for example. Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking of what could’ve been had Kojima been allowed to finish that game. Still, a masterpiece of game design.


agree on all counts


I still sometimes go back and watch the trailer for The Music Machine


That AC: Revelations trailer will always get extra credit for introducing me to Woodkid.

I was never super into Transformers, but damn the Fall of Cybertron game had some good trailers.


How could anyone watch that MGS trailer and not say “fine you got me, I’ll check this out”


Please stop every time I see this trailer I add a Switch to my Amazon cart and then come to my senses and remove it I can’t deal with the heartbreak anymore


It’s the opening cinematic rather than a trailer but Onimusha 3 is dope af:

I mean the game itself is probably outclassed by devil may cry or god of war but that cinematic is :ok_hand:

(edit: replaced video link with a higher rez version)