Favorite Hotline Miami song?

I’ve been liking:
M.O.O.N. - Crystals

Scattle - Inner Animal

M.O.O.N. - Quixotic

Carpenter Brut - Le Perv and also Roller Mobster (love how intense they are)

What’s your favorite?



And it’s not even close

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I don’t know if it’s my favorite but Roller Mobster is definitely the one song that his most thoroughly seared into my brain. I got stuck for ages on the level it plays in and that song was the only thing that kept me going. After like an hour of listing to Roller Mobster and I felt like I was in a trance or something.

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Run by iamthekidyouknowwhatimean is a fucking banger.

Escape From Midwich Valley is good because it hits like a baseball bat to the face.

When I think of Hotline Miami I still always think of this one. The synths are amazing!

Also this one is also another good answer:


A little less from the ordinary synth bangers of the Ost, But The Way Home by Magic Sword.

Roller Mobster came on while I was playing Titanfall 2, and that song hyped the hell out of me. I wanted to be like HM’s main character and just mow down everyone in my path. Made that one of my favorite songs.

M.O.O.N was the MVP of the first game, no question. I’m tempted to say that Carpenter Brut has that on the sequel, but competition is a lot tougher. Roller Mobster probably takes it in the end.

It’s gotta be Miami Disco.

“Hydrogen” by M.O.O.N. is the song that really defines the series for me. I don’t think there has been one song more pure, simple and catchy that scores the action and mood. I felt that many of the tracks in the second game were a little overbearing, though it’s probably a better soundtrack to listen to outside of the game than the first one is.


Hydrogen and Paris by MOON for sure - I still regularly listen to a Hotline Miami-inspired playlist on Spotify when I need some music in the background while I work.

Also MOON recently put out a new project, I haven’t listened through it thoroughly yet, but it seems cool.