Favorite Piece of Story DLC


What’s your favorite piece of story DLC? It can be from any game.

I’d personally have to go with The Ballad of Gay Tony from GTA IV. My favorite overall GTA story.


Heart of the stone 100%. Not only is it better than the main game itself but it’s by far my favorite “deals with the devil” story.


Blood and Wine from the Witcher 3 for me. Followed closely by Left Behind from The Last of Us.


The Citadel from Mass Effect 3. It was the best way imagineable to send of that original trilogy.

It was filled with insane, hilarious, yet compelling sci-fi antics and ended with you partying with your party from across all three games. It even found ways to work in characters who would be dead by that’s point in time.


its the best part about bioshock


Hard to pick a single micro-expansion but these are definitely competing for me:

  • Minerva’s Den - You know it, I know it, this makes the list of top DLCs.
  • Lair of the Shadow Broker - The essential addition to Mass Effect 2. Kasumi’s Stolen Memory is also great but if we’re picking one then it’s LotSB.
  • The Knife of Dunwall - An amazing expansion opener for Dishonored that concludes in a second DLC part. The first chapter is the strongest and it’s great they managed to polish off some areas that got cut from the original game as they’re great and play so well with your new powers.
  • Left Behind - The Last of Us didn’t need any DLC and yet this DLC is essential.
  • Brave New World - An expansion more than DLC but this ended up making Civ V into perhaps the definitive Civ version. Gods & Kings course corrected from a rocky launch but BNW really tied it all together and ended up making an amazing game where all the mechanics worked. Eh, maybe it’s not a story but it makes stories.
  • Bloodmoon - Going back a bit so not really DLC but an expansion, this was pretty great for Morrowind and really laid out the model for Bethesda story DLC in the future.


I guess it technically counts, but mine is the free Kentucky Route Zero interstitial, The Entertainment. Taking place between acts II and III, It’s more or less a play that you just sit in and observe in first-person, and it’s soooo good. The writing is evocative (as is the case with a lot of KRZ), and provides a ton of backstory and world-building to the game that is very subtle, and is only apparent after getting through Act III. So much of KRZ is observing a whitering world at night, where encountering a person is almost an event. Here, it’s daytime with numerous people, and they’re all just trying to get by while drowning their sorrow at the bar. I highly recommend drinking bourbon while playing (if drinking is your sort of thing). KRZ is one of my all-time favorite games, and whenever I recommend it to people I always make a point of telling them that they need to also play through the interstitial content – The Entertainment being the primary reason why.


For me, it’s probably Bloodborne’s DLC, The Old Hunters. While most of it is a side-story, it substantively adds to the world and lore of key people, monsters, and places, filling out the mythology and granting more purpose to specific characters. I’d probably even include the technically-not-DLC content that was patched into the base game, like Valter and his League.

While some people would, for good reason, focus on the additional weapons or fantastic bosses, I think building a little more detail into specific enemies (e.g. the bloodsuckers in the river) by their inclusion is nice, as is more information on the Healing Church and Gehrman. A slightly mean part of me also likes that it nixed speculation around certain fairly generic bosses being major plot-important characters (although the case for the Bloodstarved Beast remains fairly compelling), which is a strain of thought that bugs me in the From Software fandom.


Tie between Bloodborne’s Old Hunters and Dark Souls 3’s 2 DLCs.

Old Hunters expanded on smaller details of the main story threads immaculately, and is one of the best uses of the Unreliable Narrator trope I’ve ever seen. It also added a fuckton of new awesome weapons, addressing a complaint that really didn’t need to be addressed as far as I was concerned, just so everyone else has no excuse for not thinking it’s the best game ever.

And the story told between the two DS3 DLCs is without a doubt my favourite told in the entire souls series. It’s more character driven than any other, answers questions that have existed since the dawn of the series, while (mild spoilers)closing it out in a frankly beautiful bittersweet ending. And of course giving Miyazaki a way to return to the series without REALLY returning to the series, so Dark Souls can still be called a trilogy.


If we’re including ye olde expansion packs then Star Craft: Brood War takes the gold.

I mean


The strongest story DLC I’ve ever played. So vastly superior to the narrative in Bioshock 2 it’s unfair they are associated with eachother.


The Knife of Dunwall is worth it just for Daud’s personal blink ability, something so small that really changes traversal quite a bit


I am torn between Dead Money and Old World Blues for New Vegas. Both are really really good for very different reasons.

And of course Lair of the Shadow Broker and the Citadel DLC are both very good for Mass Effect.


The Witcher 3 DLCs and The Old Hunter DLC. I still go back to play the Old Hunter DLC occasionally, but it also provides a deeper understanding of the mythology.
This examination of the Old Hunter DLC is utterly fantastic.

The Witcher DLCs feel like all the parts I loved in the core game, but in a smaller package (although it’s still 30ish hours).


I personally like Honest Hearts a lot, but mostly because I found the area itself interesting to go through, having actually been to Zion. Choosing between Dead Money and Old World Blues is a tough decision for sure. I think ultimately it goes to Old World Blues, but only because the gameplay for Dead Money can be kind of grating.

Also speaking of Fallout, Far Harbor for Fallout 4 was excellent. It was almost worth slogging through late game story content just to get geared and leveled up to play that DLC.


Definitely TLOU’s DLC. I’ll love anything that makes a game more gay.


Going to have to say Reaper of Souls, not only was the new story and enemies very interesting, but the DLC also brought the whole revamp with adventure mode and the seasons that completely rejuvenated Diablo 3.


I second pretty much everything here as worthwhile, and it’s interesting how much decent DLC has been a recent phenomenon, ie within the past 5 years.
I also cannot W A I T for any Dishonored 2 DLC that comes out.

One piece of DLC that I like is Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, it’s not perfect, but it’s extremely interesting as fanservice/narrative wish fulfillment :slight_smile:


It’s got to be Citadel in ME3 for me. I hear fantastic things about DLCs I haven’t played, like Blood and Wine for W3, but… as far as providing emotional closure to the Mass Effect franchise, you can’t do much better than Citadel. Though it did make me crave more “all-team” missions like it and ME2’s suicide mission. Those missions feel so much better and more realistic–there’s no reason, 90% of the time, for Shepard to only take 2 members of their team! Even Virmire was a decent attempt at a many-front assault.


It’s gotta be The Last of Us: Left Behind.

Such an amazing piece of character development and writing in games. I could have hung out in that mall forever.

It gives a great deal of backstory to Ellie, while also leaving a big enough gap between then and the actual game to still let us formulate our own questions or theories.

Man. The Last of Us is so so good.