Favorite place to play games i.e. couch, bed, desk, etc.?

Hi all, I am tragically indecisive about basically everything and gaming is no different. Constantly changing control schemes, graphics settings, controllers, etc.

I also happen to have a dilemma on where to play games. I love playing on my couch with a large screen, it’s simply the most comfortable. But the issue is I play almost everything on P.C., and there’s a lot of games that simply aren’t designed for a controller, even with Steams controller integration. Mouse and keyboard just work so much better for a lot of my favorites. Also, I have a very nice monitor that looks and feels much better than any T.V. screen I own.

The only problem is sitting at a desk sucks, I’m pretty tall and end up feeling hunched over after playing a while, along with a sore bottom.

So my question is, how do y’all like to play?

Nice height & tilt adjustable office chair for fixing the PC play issues. Or back on the sofa behind me - my office is my living room due to compact urban living; also my primary PC monitor is my TV so it’s really about being totally immersed in the PC experience or sitting back with a controller and being a bit more removed from it (but not seeing the small visual discontinuities in the rendering so clearly due to the distance).

I am predominately a console or at least controller gamer, I am always on a couch, but I frequently shift between laying down and sitting up. When I do play games on my laptop I tend to put it on my lap and put my feet up on the coffee table or sit up sideways on the couch.

Whenever I’m playing games laying down, and I die or hit a challenging point, I always instinctively sit up as if it’s going to improve my focus or ability, and I wonder if anyone else does that too. Souls games especially, if I hit a wall I snap myself upright. I used to stand up sometimes and just play standing in front of my couch during tense moments.

I play completely from the couch now, even mouse and keyboard PC games. I put the keyboard on my lap and have a metal mousepad that sits directly on the couch. It’s not the most ergonomic thing for marathon sessions, but it gets me by.

I never minded playing games at my desk from a comfort point of view, but I hated how reclusive it made me feel since it was in an entirely different room from where me and the family hang out.

I mostly play PC games these days, at my desk. One big tip for this: If you lower your chair so that your head is looking straight-on at the screen on it’s level, you’ll reduce a lot of neck and shoulder stress. It may also help the angle your arms are at for typing or using a mouse. It’ll feel weird, especially if you’re a tall person, but being lower does help a lot long-term and short-term.

When I’m playing 3DS or mobile phone games (or Switch games off-TV) I like playing lying down, either on a couch or in bed. I can’t do this for too long but it’s just super comfortable.

When playing console games, I really like chilling out floor-level on something like a beanbag or a pile of cushions or pillows. I don’t really get to do this much anymore but it’s way more ideal for relaxing than most couches can be. Especially if you wanna play some multiplayer stuff and get snuggly with somebody. Which is the best way to play games.

My consoles are hooked up to the TV at the foot of my bed, which is pretty great. I wish I played console more often to be honest, I recon I enjoy games there more than I do sat at my desk with headphones on.

Also the shelf my TV is on and the two above it are PACKED with my Bionicle collection, it’s a good ass place to display them. Even if the top shelf is so high I can only see the front row of the ones up there when laying down.

I miss the old days of sitting on the cushy carpet in the basement, cross-legged or lying face down, just soaking up the radiation from our ancient tube TV.

These days I play on the couch in the living room like a sucker.

Most of the time from my desk inside the Fortress of Dorkitude

if it’s night time i usually end up with dogs under my legs and chair and stuff too it’s really unsafe OSHA would not approve