Favorite Pokemon?


I saw a thread by sgjackson about how Nidoking is the “best” pokemon, and while that’s a fine choice I’d rather have a more general thread that allows for differences in opinion. So, what’s everyone’s favorite 'mon?

I’ve got a bunch I love, but if push came to shove, I’d have to go with Heracross. Look at this cool fight bug!


a very round pangolin


heracross is cool but nidoking is objectively the best


moon ribbon friend


My avatar says it all, Heracross is really good


How do people keep misspelling Squirtle???


Please look at how happy this Mud Fish boy is and tell me he isn’t the best Pokémon.


My closet is 96% dark band shirts and black Levi’s. I am Umbreon and Umbreon is me.


that is certainly a happy mud fish boy :smiley:


In general I tend to favorite types over specific pokemon, but all be damned if I don’t love this little fella:


all eeveelutions are valid and beautiful but my heart is clearly captured by espeon, the sleepy girl


Slowpoke in all his forms are the best Pokeman.


Seriously, though! Look at this good, cool boy with his good, cool boy sunglasses!


I liked Blastoise 20 years ago, and still do to this day!


Another controversial Pokepinion; the best Eevee evolution is NONE OF THEM.

Let Eevee Be Eevee 2017.


My favorite changes every new generation, ranging from the popular Lucario to the original dragon pokemon Dragonite. But the release of Sun & Moon has given me my new favorite that I’ll forever remain in my heart. Mimikyu.
Mimikyu story is very relatable, wanting nothing more than to be loved by all despite it true form hurting others. It covers itself under a sheet to protect others and designs the sheet to look like pikachu since everyone loves pikachu. And for that I’ll spread the love that is Mimikyu.


He may look cool but is he a king?


Such a good good bird



Well, I almost picked Sylveon… another Eeveelution stole my heart first: Espeon.


My number one will always be Bulbasaur but 1B is Sylveon. i was very against fairy pokemon at first but then I caught and eevee and thought what the hell let’s make it a Slyveon and they skyrockted to be my second fave ever.
I’m sorry about the image but it was the only one I could find of the two together since I couldn’t upload two photos.