Favorite Season?

Can you take the heat, embrace the cold, or savor the mild in-between?

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall

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Sun’s out guns out


I like Fall, even if it only lasts for about five days.

I like the cold, I like layering up instead of stripping down.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, so most of the year is grey and wet, and I enjoy that, but Winter, can at least, result in snow, and storms. As much as weather can offer, storms and snow are cool to look at. I have the benefit of walking everywhere I need to go, so road conditions don’t really affect me a lot personally, which is selfish, but hey.

I just love it getting cold enough to bundle into sweatshirts inside, and entirely too many blankets, and snuggle up.

Can’t stand heat, or sitting here wishing I had AC, or more fans, etc. So… it has to be Winter for me.

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I live in South Florida. What the fuck is a season?


My body hates the summer but my brain loves it so much that it overrides it.

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My allergies are awful… but I can breathe in the winter so I’m picking that. I like breathing


I like Winter for warming up indoors and Christmas time gatherings. 100% my SOTY.

7 months of snow is enough, thanks.

Summer, for the 7’ish weeks it exists here.

The “I’m a Canadian with severe seasonal allergies” Ideal Setup:

  • Winter: January to Mid-April
  • Spring: Mid-April to Mid-May
  • Summer: Mid-May to Mid-September
  • Fall : Mid-September to Mid-October
  • Winter: Mid-October to January

With a mild winter being the best weather you can get (“I can breathe out my nose and there are no mosquitoes! It’s a miracle!”)

As someone who was living in Florida I used to love “winter” because it meant I could wear a hoodie without sweating to death. But now in a place with really awesome agriculture/food stuff I’m totally in love with Spring and the breadth and depth of local fresh veggies I can get my hands on. Even the milk tastes different (better to me) now vs in the summer or winter!

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I’m in Australia so literally anything other than Summer. But winter is the one with the highest chance of rain, so that one.

I misclicked on Spring, meant Fall - comfy weather and Halloween! What more do I need?

I’d say pretty even between Spring or Fall. Both are nice, light jacket season. Fall is prettier, but Spring doesn’t lead into Winter, a season which sucks if you live in a place where “Winter” just means “constant terrible obnoxious raining” like I do.

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I grew up in Canada and now live in southern California. I really do miss the snow. Honestly, I miss having seasons at all - it’s basically the same here all year round.

Of course, it has pros and cons. I like the two weeks of proper winter that I get to experience when I go home to visit my family for Christmas, but I also like not having to deal with the horrors of March and early April when everything alternates between frozen muck and slushy muck.

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Spring is my favorite. My depression gets worse in fall and winter, and summer is way too hot and humid to be comfortable here

give me a sunny spring day with temperatures around 70f and a light breeze

I’m a winter boy. Love the cold and the chill. Love hunkering down in my place with the heat on while snow falls outside. Fall is a close second because it’s the closest to Winter in climate.

Spring and Summer blow. Spring is rainy, which I hate. Summer is unbearable tbh. I remember being a youngin of maybe 10 sitting in my house during summer in my underwear watching cartoons just absolutely dying from the heat, covered in sweat and dust and fabric particles from the couch. I was miserable.

Winter for sure.


I love fall a lot!!! Cool weather, nice colour variety on trees… It’s good!!!