Favorite sections of songs?

There was a Pitchfork article recently about some of their staff’s favorite individual segments of songs. It was a neat piece and I thought I’d pass the question on to you guys. What’s the one part of that one song that always gives you chills, is forever burned into your brain?

I’ll begin with the outro to King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s Crumbling Castle, starting at 9:14 (cw: possible epileptic triggers) https://youtu.be/uLP8rFrL1W0

You should listen to the whole, almost 11 minute, opus because it’s a gorgeous sspraaaaaawwwwlllllling work of prog, which King Gizz are masters of at this point. However, the ending breaks down into an unbearably heavy, unbearably distorted armageddon, where it feels like all 7 members are fighting for the right to end the world.

It’s real good dudes.

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the tail end of this (from about 5:38 on) is rill good:

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My favorite one second in music is when the bass kicks in at 1:25 of Death’s “Land of Comprehension”.

Also, Death are really good at making beautiful intros, like the one above and “Destiny”.

The lead-up to and the solo of Helmet’s “He Feels Bad” starting at 2:40 is one of the most chilling, almost violent sounding things I’ve ever heard.

Speaking of solos that give me goosebumps: the bass solo in Faith No More’s “Kindergarten” at 2:23.

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I really love the little guitar solo bit from about 2:20 in Beach House’s Wishes. Just a very good sound in general:

The “chorus” of Star Craft 1’s Terran 1 is just, like, the most memorable thing. I love the atmospheric work on that soundtrack, but 0:36 - 1:06 on this track is on another level.

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The chorus of Thom Yorke’s The Eraser, as rendered by Christian Scott.

(Chorus is at 1:18)

There’s something happening between the trumpet, drums, and scratchy piano* that fucking does me in. Yorke’s lyrics become entirely redundant, and I feel Scott’s intent exactly. Probably couldn’t articulate that intent even if I tried, but I also don’t need to.

It’s so good.

(*There’s likely other instruments I can’t pick out because my ear sucks at that junk.)


There is a very good drop on this song from a bonus feature from The Matrix dvd. The buildup starts at 3:03 and ends at 3:37. Here is the song:

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Really interesting transition on Pharrell’s part, I usually find him and his stuff with N.E.R.D boring but I like the raw, noisey sample and the driving ride hits.

Gentle Giant is my absolute favorite musical group and I think this entire segment is genius.

This particular cacophony is disorienting in the best kind of way, it overwhelms the listen without completely losing them and then caps off just before that ripping violin (viola?) solo mnnnf.


In Nier Automata’s credits theme, Weight of the World, when the choir kicks in.


The interlude in Master of Puppets and subsequent buildup.

(3:30 - 5:10)

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There’s a Lupe Fiasco song called Deliver, its about living in neighborhood so dangerous that Pizza chains won’t even do delivery. At the end of the song Ty Dolla $ign has a little sing songy ad-lib where he says

“So sad cause the pizza man don’t fuck with us no more”.

I still crack up every time I hear it.

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Oh right… also 1:12 - 1:32 from Talking Hotel Arbat Blues.

Just a beautiful rising twenty seconds.

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