Favorite small thing/underutilized part of a videogame

Whats your favorite thing in a story or lore that you think is underutilized? For me it’s the Vorcha from Mass Effect.

They’re a race that only lives to be about 20.

Because of this they don’t live long enough to learn the sort of skills that the rich under galactic capitalism determine have value and corporations won’t invest in them because they don’t live long enough to pay off that investment.

I just can’t get them out of my head. They’ve done nothing wrong but every member of their species is viewed as a pest to the structures of the galaxy because they don’t fit into the systems that exist to support longer living species.

I honestly want an entire game about them. The Mass Effect games mostly ignore them.


The focus system for Vergil in DMC4 Special Edition. Vergil’s an edgy Katana Man who loves him a good Quickdraw, so the focus system plays into that by giving you a boost to all his skills if you let the little animations at the end of his moves finish playing, and by standing around looking cool instead of running around frantically. It ultimately doesn’t make much of a difference, but it does succeed in making you play him in a way that’s more true to his character, which is real clever. I just wish there was more playing around with it.


That’s awesome! I love when mechanics do that little bit more to character development.

There is an entire other enormous continent besides Tamriel mentioned in a few books in the elder scrolls universe that is full of tiger-dragons and snake people and snow demons all locked in perpetual war and we’re just never gonna see that I guess? Ok


Yo the elder scrolls wiki is a MAD rabbit hole to fall down.

Like, I HAVE to see the southern parts of Tamriel rendered in their own games. Elsweyr, the black marsh, the wood elf part.

I’d love to see those.


I commented on another thread recently about how much I wish Pokemon would just lean into its potential for weirdness. Like a game that goes all in on some wild-ass story in the way the Pokemon Adventures manga did. Or even better, give me like, postwar Pokemon. Futurist Pokemon. Post-apocalyptic Pokemon. Cosmic horror Pokemon! (I can’t stop thinking about how much potential there is in that one in particular). That team has such a skill for creating memorable worlds but the things that happen within them are usually so rote and though I’m okay with it because I still love those games, I wish they’d do more.


The Wii reboot of A Boy and His Blob had a hug button. Not for any reason, just so you can hug your blob whenever.

We need more hug buttons in games.


Right? Honestly the wildest thing is that in the world of Pokemon…
And they can be destroyed!!!

In Pokemon living beings have immortal souls and sometimes those don’t pass on and also they can he destroyed!?

Why is EVERY story not about that?


Piggybacking on the earlier Elder Scrolls comments, I love that all the lore - all the lore - is written by characters in-universe. As such, there is no such thing as unimpeachable canon and many of the major events have completely contradictory tellings within the games’ texts.


That wiki really is wild. I could be getting modern ES games about the literal giant death robot the dwemer built to worship as a god-king and as a tool to help them TRANSCEND THE MORTAL PLANE but instead I had to hang out with the snow racists and bludgeon a bunch of poor dragons to death. Please Todd, include more of that weird shit.


Fucked up that there are games that have dogs in them that don’t let you pet the dogs.


To be fair, I think the Delta Episode at the end of ORAS pulled some pretty clever shit in which you, essentially, prevent a group of scientists from diverting an apocalyptic cosmic force (Deoxys, but might as well be an asteroid or something) into an alternate timeline via wormhole. That alternate timeline is heavily implied to be the timeline in which the original Ruby and Sapphire take place, which is the actual canonical timeline-where-megaevolution-doesn’t-exist. So a nostalgic player such as myself got to rescue the world of Ruby/Sapphire, which I had fallen in love with as a kid 10 years prior, from certain destruction. By challenging and defeating Deoxys, both timelines could be saved. That’s some next level shenanigans yo. I might have gotten a few details incorrect, but I’m fairly certain that’s the gist of it.

It’s exactly the kind of bonkers timeline stuff that I’ve always wanted Pokemon to do more openly.


Oh yeah 100%, the Delta Episode was amazing and exactly the kind of thing I’d love more of! Every once in a while they pull something like that that shows that they clearly can do this type of thing, but it’s so infrequent.


I like it when games have toilets in them. It helps me believe in the setting.

If a game has no toilets in its levels that means canonically, none of its characters can shit. Their asses are purely decorative.


The World Ends With You has a post game chapter that’s an in canon alternate universe that actually extends the story (just a tiny bit). It has all the same characters but recast in slightly different roles and pokes fun at them.

Basically more AUs please.


Active Reloading in the Gears games are routinely satisfying and turns reloading into an event and can ramp up the tension in difficult firefights.

Still surprised more games haven’t adopted it.


This is implemented as an item in Enter the Gungeon and it’s one of my favorite pickups in the game.

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I think about the Scrin faction ending of Command and Conquer 3 where the Overlord says to “Prepare a full invasion force. Earth with fall.” but then C&C crashed and burned right after so we never got that conclusion.

I need to play more of Enter the Gungeon. I think Nuclear Throne spoiled me on those kind of top down shooters.

The pebbles in Bloodborne.

If you actually look at them you’ll notice they are eyeballs apparently made of stone. They’re commonly found in the bellies of the flightless crows that drag themselves along the ground, presumably weighed down by their heavy meal. Finally, scattered throughout Yahar’gul are petrified Yharnamites, all of which appear to be missing their eyeballs.

Also, throwing them is quite thrilling