Favorite Streamers


I’m looking for some streamers to watch, but outside of journalists I recognize, I don’t really know where to turn. Can anyone recommend their favorite streamers so I could get a good handle on who to watch?



Men Drinkin’ Coffee
Smight / Arcade Pit
Shaun and Jen


the only streamers i follow are Men Drinkin’ Coffee and supergreatfriend


Old LP recommendation thread has a lot.

Since that thread, this collective has started up so recommended to give it a look over for some channels to try:


They don’t stream that much anymore, but the Idle Thumbs guys have a channel and it’s very good (If you aren’t familiar with them Idle Thumbs is an excellent gaming podcast Danielle was on back in the day (Danielle and Rob now have a sort of spin off podcast called Idle Weekend which is also very good)).

They have a series where they drink and attempt a blind run of Dark Souls. It’s probably my favorite thing on Twitch, it’s all archived on Youtube now:


Chris has recently been doing Heat Signature


All of the folks in Lilly’s post are absolutely faaaantastic, along with:

Kuvo (Anime Nite link)
Dan Teasdale
Panzerskank (I don’t think she has her own channel, but she does stuff with Dan and OatmealRaisin)
Psychedelic Eyeball


Jack Pattilo


I’ll have to check that out. It’s always fun when they play games that lend themselves to emergent disasters.


I haven’t watched anything from Men Drinkin’ Coffee but I’m a big fan of supergreatfriend. And not just his livestreams, his produced/edited stuff is also always top notch. He goes the extra mile to show off all the extra/side/hidden stuff.


yeah, he’s more of an archivist LPer than a “streamer” persay, but he’s still got my all-time favourite youtube channel where someone talks while playing games. he’s done the definitive playthroughs of a bunch of titles: Illbleed, Deadly Premonition, all of Kenji Eno’s work.


I’ll second Northernlion! Haven’t watched him recently, but his Binding of Isaac videos were a favorite for a long time. Very chill streamer/LPer with plenty of references to mid-90s Canadian rock groups, truly a streamer after my own heart.


the only streamers i bother with are the retropals. they’re very funny and play plenty of strange games, often kusoge, that i’ve never seen anywhere else. i basically show up for anything they do since i enjoy the banter and their community.


I watch Retropals’ stream archives quite a bit. Been getting in to them more over time, actually. Which is my problem with streams: I never really bother to show up when people go live.

The only person I make time for is my friend Chess. Here’s her stream archives. She just generally seems to play games that I like, the community around her is very friendly, and I like her commentary. I always try to show up to any stream she does.


Watching Dan from Extra Credits playing through Dark Souls is the first LP/game streaming I’d watched, and it’s what piqued my interest in the series in the first place. Now they’re some of my favorite games.

I still don’t watch a whole lot of streaming though. Just a few here and there when I’m not busy. I think some of the most entertaining people are the ones who aren’t necessarily good at the games, but retain a persistent positive attitude.

I’ll also add a little shout out to AGDQ, since nobody’s mentioned them yet.


I like Jerma985, I think he streams quite regularly and you can find a load of archived stuff on YoiTube. My fave is definite the series where he messed with New Vegas.


Been looking for this thread since WP has moved away from streaming. Here’s some waypoint-like folks that are definitely worth watching:

KatBamPow (Kat streams regularly with Jack De Quidt (NotQuiteReal, regular Waypoint contributor). They’re both very sweet, thoughtful and you can watch them explore Silent Hill 2 and Hitman semi-regularly.

BrutalMoose a lovely man who plays old video games. You can watch him eat weird food, play games, watch old TV shows and rate kids toys in semi-thoroughly edited longform videos on his Youtube channel


I mentioned Supergreatfriend a few posts up, but since this thread has popped back up, I thought I’d let folks know that he has a full playthrough of The Quiet Man -Answered-. So if any of y’all are curious about how much worse that game gets when you can actually hear what all the characters are saying, now you can find out.

Much worse, as it turns out. Like, “CW for racism, child abuse (emotional), child abuse (physical), ableism, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting” worse.

But SGF played it so you don’t have to.


I’m gonna have to link these when I get home:

I personally love:

She does kinda chill streams,or speedruns

It/she does mostly speedruns,also pretty chill.

She mostly streams FPS games like siege and battlefield v, but the chat can be gross cuz of pepe emojis

He streams mostly Fortnite sometimes other games like blackout. He’s pretty chill.

She does general video game streams,shes pretty entertaining to watch

He’s a woodblock printmaker and often does long talkative streams where he is just making a print or carving

Might add more as I remember them