Favorite video game glitches


I love glitches in games, probably over half of the overall time playing call of duty has been in private matches trying to get outside of the multiplayer maps! I find a weird satisfaction in getting into places the developers don’t expect. What are some of your favorite video game glitches?




Act IV of Kentucky Route Zero has a scene where a man in a motorboat is supposed to float down the river that cuts through an old telephone exchange. On my first playthrough, the boat never came on–but you could still hear it passing, with a waxing then waning sound of disturbed water and AM-band interference. The scene is meant to close in on the image of the man passing into a once-grand archway and falling into shadow, and zoom in on the uninterrupted dark as it did. But–perhaps because the boat had not been seen to reach the shadow?–the slow zoom did not stop, in time cropping out exchange and archway until all that remained was undifferentiated black. I think I remember the game continuing to fill in the quiet sound of water sloshing on a retaining wall, but I can’t be sure.


I mean, it’s not any one glitch exactly, Morrowind is just beautifully broken all 'round.


the best glitch of all time is Nuclear Gandhi.
See, in the original Civ each leader’s stats were simple 1-255 values. Gandhi, being Gandhi had the lowest possible aggression score of one, so naturally he was all about pacifism.However the game also had a feature where adopting democracy would reduce civilizations aggression by two. this meant that late in the game when democracy started rolling around Gandhi would get reduced to -1 aggression which rolled over to 255 making him an absolute warmonger.
Even in subsequent Civs they have solved the glitch but referenced it by making Gandhi a little bit nuke happy.


Here’s a Pokemon Blue 151 pokemon caught glitch-speed run and my absolute favorite run from AGDQ for it’s sheer glitch abuse. It’s super long but it starts getting crazy around 21:50 . I recommend the whole vid but if you want to just get a gist first, then skip to around 1:18:00 for the nonsense to start coming through. I forget when exactly he describes what he’s doing but basically all the values of pokemon levels, moves, inventory number can be used to access all sorts of parts of the game and it’s beautiful, horrible madness!


Sorry I don’t have a video of it but one time when I was playing The Witcher 3 I had just finished killing all the drowners in a village and the cutscene that shows all the villagers returning home starting playing. Except that one drowner was later to the party and was just stalking right through the village while children are running around and people are settling it.
I laughed for five minutes about that stupid glitch.


Dolph Ziggler overselling getting hit by the steel steps is a really good WWE 2kX glitch:


I can’t seem to find a video of it, but the most memorable one for me was getting out of the map boundaries while playing THPS3 online. Having other players silently walk me through how to do it was the kind of experience that I hadn’t had on a console game before (if I’m remembering right, it was the first online multi PS2 game).

Oh, and the Black Flag ship, clearly


One time during a watch and play stream alex and graham from lrr found what i think was a collision based bug where if you hit a slight incline just right the player character shot fifteen feet in the air like they were in a half pipe. Other highlights from the same game: no collision on half the geometry so you could phase through ceilings and walk along the level in some parts and one time all the assets and textures disappeared very suddenly.

(Other highlight that were’t really bugs, and were more like features? Were the giant, incredibly tall tree city filled with nothing and the ability to casually walk up walls.)


In Sonic Boom, Knuckles’ special ability was a double jump. Turns out that if you paused the game after the second jump and then unpaused, you’d be able to use the second jump again. If you repeated this over and over again you could keep jumping higher and higher. It let you skip massive parts of the game just by jumping over terrain.

This one sticks out to me because I had a friend who was in QA on this game, and he told me they found that bug six months before the game was released.


Such a great moment! At 18:03, for the curious:


Oh my god thank you! Ruction is 75% glitches and it’s so goddamn fantastic.


I feel like all the map glitches in COD 4 were fundamental components to my adolescent years


actually given ziggler’s in-ring performances i’d say this is likely working as intended


It’s a pretty simple one, but the ‘Swing Set of Death’ in GTA IV. I played a lot of online free roam in that game, and launching cars from that swing set was way more fun than it should have been.


Not my favorite, but the one I remember most is how buggy the models were in Warhammer Online. Fingers would grow to the size of rakes, faces stretch out, and animations would bug out on key frames. It wasn’t super common, but when it happened it was highly localized to the point where it looked contagious. A small meme popped up in my group where it was the work of the Chaos Gods, so whenever we saw a poor NPC glitching out we’d just shout “CHAOS”.

Every time since then, when I see models going nuts I still attribute it to Chaos.


oh i just remembered another really good glitch (also learned from lrr): T-pose butcher from Dark Souls!

basically if you can get the butcher from the depths down into the big rat’s arena/cage and get them to slide down the waterfall there she’ll revert into reference pose because she has no sliding animation. it’s a bit tough to do but god is it the greatest shit when people manage to pull it off.


I’m glad someone else feels the same way.