Favorite Waypoint Bits of 2018


Hey friends! I wanted to pick your brains (nicely!) for some of the best bits on the podcast/streams this year! I’m thinking small 2-3 minute segments that had you laughing (or… some other positive emotional response), such as! Natalie explaining Mama Mia, or Rob laying down the law with regards to coffee.

Any pod or video segment of ours is fair game, as I’m hoping to turn some of our better bits into ~magic~ for a possible end of year project.



My two immediate reactions are the Alien Alloys bit (that one’s maybe longer than 2–3 minutes though?) and the recent Nazi Trader Joes segment. Both were funny enough on their own that I got friends to listen to those episodes for them.


Starting around 1:11:56 nearly caused me an injury cuz I was exercising on my treadmill whilst listening and I was laughing so much I nearly fell off :slight_smile:


This is entirely self indulgent BUT I enjoyed greatly on episode 154 of the podcast Austin took my very simple question of Eggs or Beer?, and brought it to the table and what unfolded made me incredibly honored. (Timestamp is about 43:40).

I like to ask people this question, in this way, as it usually reveals like a key aspect of the dynamic of a group, or the way someone thinks, or just their personal preference. And i’m Always surprised by the result. (If you also listen to Bombcast, I know this question was also answered there but I do not know the specifics of when)

Anyways thanks for making a great show it’s one of the few podcasts I make sure I get in every single week.



Austin’s real time reaction to the Donkey Kong cartoon intro

At 48:00


Here’s it is in overcast! https://overcast.fm/+HUD_-y588/43:49


Unfortunately, the big moment that comes to mind first isn’t in a small chunk - it’s the escalating strangeness and joy of the Sea of Thieves Kraken stream with the Waypoint team’s young stream friend.


It’s a little longer than 3 minutes but the discussion of coffee including Rob’s coffee recipe, running from 4:15 to about 8:58 here is a delight.

And as I type that I see you already mentioned a coffee bit, so the followup a few minutes later about pizza is also v. good.


Everything about machine elves.


I think I’d like to lodge a vote for LA Rob’s magnificent debut, sunglasses and all, especially when it culminates in (at about 1:15:05)

Austin: I’m Rob Zacny, I killed all the Nazis
LA Rob: Well…
Various: Rob… No…
LA Rob Ja?

I mean it’s just glorious


In relation to LA Rob: This Fobwashed masterpiece:


The 20+ minute discourse (starting at around 20:00) on the ontology of sauce is highly formative for my future dissertation on post-Derridean prototype theory and family resemblance

Also, has my fav callout

so tbh Hot Mic Mornings was short lived but was incredibly fun


Can I nominate the sum total of the Nintendo Labo stream? Because I can’t decide between the Papa Bear bit (around 40:40) and the magical appearance of the football fish at the end (probably starting around 1:35:00).


I’ll need some help with this because my memory is terrible but back when Natalie was playing Bloodborne, Rob tweeted the most perfectly pedantic “advice” and someone photoshopped it to look like a Bloodborne loading screen tip. So good.


This is a pretty hard question, since the big best of hot mics mornings had some realllllyy good moments. Almost every moment from there is memorable and that’s not a small bit,it’s like an hour. I’m gonna have to think about this a bit more, but yeah. Waypoint…good


HMM was a great feature.

Difference Between Queen and Full and Austin’s display of Troom Troom are s-teir Waypoint moments.


My two favourite bits this year that I can remember, is when Rob rebelled and decided to do the podcast backwards, and second, which was not a continuous bit, but something that just made me smile, was Danielle’s continually increasing number of hours in Into the Breach (last I heard it was over 600?) and the various reactions to that. It just reminded me of how joyous it is to feel that kind of connection and commitment to a single game/activity.


Anytime Rob talks about Harry Potter, and, specifically, how much Ron sucks. Can’t for the life of me remember when this was, but I always enjoy people reflecting critically on their feelings about Harry Potter lol


Anytime Rob talks about Harry Potter, and, specifically, how much Ron sucks. Can’t for the life of me remember when this was, but I always enjoy people reflecting critically on their feelings about Harry Potter lol

I think it’s 01:24:20 and onwards here – the next five minutes are really good. You can probably cut quite a few good bits out of this. Harry Potter specifically is 01:25:40.


i liked the stellaris stream alot just cuz it ended up being one of my fav games and i would have never even known it existed if it wasnt for waypoint