Favorite Waypoint Bits of 2018


No contest for me, it’s Natalie’s Walmart Boy-assisted Bloodborne jump.


Making Gritty in Sou Calibur and the cursed phone case videos during HMM were my favorites. They’re definitely way too long though. :weary:


Papa Bear Austin Walker


E3 Day -1 Microsoft and Betheda’s Press Events (2018), 02 hours, 30 minutes, 50 seconds mark, Rob Zacny said “…it reminded me of like in the flashback of Ticker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy…”
My reaction was “I can hear Control himself(played by John Hurt in the 2011 movie adaption, which is part of my joke) screaming ‘Oh, no! Not again!’ in his death bed.”
Sadly, that was the last time Mr. Zacny referring to Le’Carre’s famous spy novel on Waypoint Radio.


God, that was this year?

Time is long, y’all.


Some of my favorites of the year (god I hope they are within the year–what a long year this has been):

  • The first time Patrick explained the coffee situation in his house and Rob’s reaction
  • (I am sorry my memory is a mess) Patrick explaining the plot of some movie in which a plane takes off and then can’t land.
  • Rob accidentally buys malt liquor.
  • Recurring bit, Danielle’s Rhode Island characters.


Very good nominees so far, I want to add:

Rob’s intro for Waypoint Radio 195: “How do you do fellow internet?” and Patrick’s reaction to it, followed by Rob calling him Patrick Riendeau by accident, and then going on about the interview with Dan Houser in “the perhaps aptly named Vulture”.


I also was cackling for minutes when Natalie paraphrased Hermione saying: “Fuck you… fuck-Ron…”


This gif that I made of Rob from a stream back in April still makes me laugh.

(edit: I was hoping it would just embed the gif, but oh well)


Potentially too heartbreaking for an end-of-year celebration, but Natalie’s soul exiting her body (to a truly soulful performance from Danika) is an iconic Big Boy moment


The latest Be Good and Rewatch It has a funny bit at the 30 minute mark when Austin says “It’s lit out there sir” and Rob clowns on the shitty race science behind the Purge. I may have laughed out loud during that sequence. :grin:


Aw dang, that was this year as well? Because the clip that gif is taken from is not only my favourite Waypoint bit, but probably also the pinnacle of all human endeavour. Whoever was behind the boards for that stream deserves all the plaudits in the world for having the wherewithal to go tight on Rob for that (perfectly timed) reaction. Honestly, everything about that clip is perfection.


One of my favorite Waypoint bits this year was Danielle’s Captain Toad impression on the podcast! I swear I laughed so hard at that I thought my brain was going to come out my nose :joy:


My favorite Waypoint bits have been Natalie’s ennui, be it looking sadly into the camera when Big Boy takes a fatal tumble or talking about how she plans to speed through your shitty rural hometown.

Second place would go to Rob’s recent complaint monologues especially when they are in response to questions like “where can people find you online”.


That was my first Waypoint Radio episode, I lost it too!


Without a doubt it is LA Rob. Beyond just the podcast, all of the twitter/instagram posts just expanded the lore of LA Rob in a way that still makes me chuckle


Chuggies: Part 1 and 2.

Meeting friends in Sea of Theives: (Which has a link ending in Lit Fam? Apparently?) (This was also a TON of video, this is just… where in my heart it really began.)

Was the community Mafia game this year? I’ve lost all sense of time in 2018.


This April or so I think. I’ve been hoping for a reappearance because there was a lot of potential in that Mafia game :grinning:


Some great moments from that game, I liked how the Knights accidentally took out the Doctor and then the Cop consecutively on the first two nights. And the near-tie votes that left everyone anxiously watching the thread.

Happy to help organise one if we wanted to do another one next year.

@Vivimd @Muffinsyay @Vehemently @Clyde @Just_benj @Cado @Erica @Glorgu @serbroseph @Flavin


I appreciate you not @-ing me out of what I presume is a continued fear of my luck expert Mafia skills.

I’d be super down if you were to host another one, I think that’d be a great thing to do! I could lend a hand with any drafting or could see if the GMs from the first one (@WeedLordVegeta and @jaguar) might have any tips or time to lend a hand too.