Favorite Waypoint Bits of 2018


I would be delighted to completely fuck up everything again.


The townsfolk couldn’t do worse.


It was a perfect speedrun.


So much stress. So much excitement. So much deceit.

Sure, I’d be down for some more.

(Gosh, I’ll never forget how that game ended)


As for some of my favorite Waypoint Radio and streaming moments…

-The Hot Mic Mornings gang watching the Christian Side Hug video

-Essentially anytime Rob says something passive-aggressively savage (i.e. the opening to Waypoints ep. 07)

-If it counts (I believe it was technically the end of last year), the end of the Alien Alloys episode, where the rest of the cast tries to do the show closing over Austin’s machine elves monologue

Oh, and a very feel-good moment for me was reaching the first goal during the Florence Project stream


OH MY GOSH! YES! (Sadly December 2017.)


Wait is this where the “don’t give in to astonishment” line comes from or is that an even older bit?


Nope, that’s where its from. #waypointlore


Wow, this was my first Waypoint episode and totally forgot about this. Thanks for bringing back this memory.

Also “Redbone but” is 100% my thing, so this is perfect


The bit of the 36-hour stream from a few months ago where almost everyone thought they were slightly better at DDR than they actually turned out to be was so good


Hate to plug my own thread but that time Austin crashed 3 cars in one week is still keeping me chortlin’


Have to just pop a recent clip in via @Pinky from the Smash stream…


The whole episode’s great, but if you just want to skip to Heinrich’s many moments of stationary glory:





01:37:20 (can pretty much go from here to the end of the mission)


Was it Skybound (2017)?


Mello really fuckin elevated that moment; I have the .mp3 saved on my desktop because I can’t bear to move it somewhere that I might not remember in the future.

That ep came out around the time when I was around the time that I really started listening to the podcast and following the site. I love that episode in particular because it I listened to it when I was walking my dog over the winter break, and it produced a mood that I think of regularly, and that brings me a lot of comfort.


Oh my god, yes thank you!! I was googling stuff like “plane can’t land earth gone” “plane sky movie” etc for a few days with little success.


I’ve been following this thread for while, mostly thinking about which fun stream would be the best to share, often leaning towards an established character doing something profound and hilarious, a la Valraven, or Ju-Lien’s (spelling?? Their exact name is difficult to remember) blasting someone across the map on one of the X-Com videos.
However, I have to say, my favorite Waypoint moment in the last year, despite the fantastic fiction and entertaining personal moments that they built off of their streams and numerous podcasts, was the Waypoints Ep. 11, which not only re-capped a fun mystery series, and questions of parental boundaries (which very few outlets have touched) but also dove deep into what I have appreciated most about Waypoint since the website began: a willingness to get angry about things that truly matter in the current political and social spectrum.
The discussion began on the latest Radiolab’s talk on the second amendment, but ended up being a deep dive on the milk-toast politics of people who claim to have a say in the progress of the United States, and their failures to understand any story different to their own. Yet in spite of others shortsightedness, the Waypoint crew pulls through in their understanding that people “…are not just characters, they are the story and [the story] never forgets them” (Patrick Klepek), while still allowing for the difficult conundrum that stems from the fact that “…people do need stories… Yet reality does not lend itself to that, so how do you provide that narrative structure, ethically and responsibly” (Rob Zacny)?
I feel like this has been a huge part of Waypoint’s ethos from the start, and only more so in the last year, with turmoil cropping up in both the spheres of video games, as well as the sociopolitical climate of the globe. However despite the difficulties of the year, Waypoint hasn’t forgotten their ideals, in that they “either let the people whose stories are being told tell those stories, or else tell it for them” (Austin Walker).
Throughout this difficult year they have required their readers to be present, they have required us to be analytical and they have required us to be willing to be angry for a proper cause. And that is something that I don’t think exists anywhere else online, and that is why I will continue to say that Waypoint is the best, not because they just show us video games, nor simply why we play, but because why we’re here and why we choose to continue to be here.

So, I Ran an Elementary School Protection Racket

I would like to put forward a supercut of every time Natalie had to backtrack and add more context about The Egg when explaining Solas in the Dragon Age spoiler chat at the end of the latest podcast episode (#208).


The Dragon Age discourse and Rob’s Dobby comment at the very end of the most recent podcast have to be up there.


Was gonna post this. Natalie’s explaining Dragon Age: Inquisition is now a serious contender for my favorite bit. All the more so because I have never played Inquisition but you better believe that, based off what little I now know and the growing intensity of Natalie’s frustration, I have very strong opinions about Solas.


I think timestamps would be helpful for what Danielle is looking for (although wonder if this might be a little late to keep suggesting stuff). If so, it’s here:

1:50:38-ish or 1:51:40 (post-‘outro’) to end of episode https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/mby5dp/the-game-awards-were-much-more-entertaining-than-expected (hard to estimate exactly because acast)

I might suggest “actually! hold on. Ooh! I’m mad again” but might be worth givign this a listen and seeing what works as a standalone clip longer than a line.