Favorite Waypoint Bits of 2018


If I was going to pick a single moment from this segment (which is absolutely my favourite) it would be 2:01:03 to 2:01:20: The Turn, wherein we discover the entire ordeal is, in fact, delicious.


My personal stand out bits:

  • Banter in both of the 2018 Game Awards episodes.
  • The peanut butter debate.
  • The Shadow of the Tomb Raider tear down.
  • Every bit of coverage Waypoint gave to the discussion on toxic labor practices.
  • The weirdest game in your top 10 episode.


Alright I definitely have a new contender for favorite Waypoint moment. Episode 209 around 9:00 when it’s revealed Soulja Boy owns a Subway restaurant:

Patrick: “That’s smart! That’s spreading out your risk!..Have you ever heard of a Subway going out of business?”


Austin (reading article title): “Soulja Boy FURIOUS as his Subway closes after his employees didn’t–”

Patrick: cackling in background

I’m in tears y’all :sob: That was too perfect. You couldn’t script a better set up and reveal.


Big Dog shirts! (I was just reminded of it in today’s XCOM VOD, but I don’t remember which Waypoint Radio ep it was from originally)


I know this is a small one, but for some reason the bit around 54:30 If Only You Could Talk To The Ghouls where Austin comes back from the future to say he’s dissapointed in Fallout 76, and then the brutal LA Rob takedown… idk, it tickled me