Favourite Digital Boardgames


As someone who plays boardgames but not nearly enough, I’ve recently gone on the lookout for some digital representations. I was wondering, what do people on the forums here play?
Was recently incredible excited to find a digital version of Race for the Galaxy, a sort of deckbuilding space strategy game.

Oh, and does anyone know whether the Eclipse version on Steam is as bad for Multiplayer as the reviews suggest?

Would love to hear some tips and thoughts!


Twilight Struggle is near a perfect adaptation of a board game to PC as you can get.


My personal favorites are Blood Bowl 2 and Regicide. Mostly because I like Games Workshop IP, but don’t want the hassle of actually playing with miniatures. There are quite a few great implementations of board games out there, as well as board game-like games that aren’t actually based on a tabletop game (Armello, Antihero, Tharsis).

What kind of board games do you like?


The mobile version of Carcassone is great


If you like Ascension, the mobile version is pretty good. I have a hard time recommending it to people who aren’t die-hard Ascension fans though, as the app has been abandoned in the past, picked back up sometime over the last two years, and now been basically abandoned again (it was last updated about a year ago, and the most recent expansion available is War of Shadows from 2016). I think the Steam version is a port of the mobile version as well.

I’ve never played Splendor in real life, but I enjoy the mobile version of it as well. Also Onirim; it is just one player (I believe the paper game is one or two players) but I got really into it for a while. And while I haven’t played it a ton, the mobile version of Waterdeep is good as well, though as this Waypoint article points out, it’s not so great if you don’t already have a decent amount of experience with Waterdeep (I’ve played it once or twice in paper and I had a hard time with it).

I would like to try more PC version of board games, but as you can see most of my digital board game experience is on mobile.


You could also consider checking out Tabletop Simulator, which takes a bit of work to hunt through the Steam Workshop, but it can be rewarding as a way to play games remotely with folks if you already know the rules/have a physical copy of the rules.


I don’t like playing boardgames with people, but I like computer-simulations in the format of boardgames sometimes.
I used to think about Greed Corp’s take on capitalism and environmentalism a lot. Now I like Gremlins Inc. largely because of it’s way of depicting the institutions of justice, finance, industry, and morality. It’s not a incredibly applicable depiction of those things, but I like how those things are expressed as I play it.


The Star Realms app is definitely worth checking out if you like deckbuilding games. Besides being a competent digital version of the game, it also includes a cool little campaign mode.


@SamS Cool! Will deffo grab this then. Looked it up and seems pretty much universally praised. Quick question, how good is the tutorial in the game, should I also watch some youtube video where they play the game?

@EmuPrime Cool one! I guess I dable in most stuff, but have been super excited to see a digital version of Race for the Galaxy. Not only because it means I can play it myself, but it also does a good job of teaching my friends to play it, so that when we meet up we can play my actual physical copy :slight_smile:

@M_o Will deffo grab this.

@Ghave I’m actually mostly looking for stuff on the pc. I only have an iphone se and the screen is just too small to play anything on. Splendor seems neat.

@nindustrial I have been eyeing this for a while. Mostly as a way to play stuff like Twilight Imperium / Eclipse with my friends remotely. Having watched a bunch of videos though, Im still unusure as to how “fidgety is”.

@BluShine Star Realms has definitely been hampering my productivity lately. Will probably take the plunge and pick up a couple of expansion packs in a near future.


I played the PC version of Mysterium lately, which is pretty well done as long as you set up a voice chat and play with friends. (best with 4 or more)


Just want to say tabletop simulator is about as elegant as it could be to be able to play as many games as you can with it. I would posit that a game like twilight imperium or eclipse would not translate all that well though as they are very long and you need to keep track of all the rules. I’d almost suggest playing a video game version of a 4x on the shortest length instead if that’s what you’re interested in (civ, endless space 2, etc).

That being said the mod workshop is sort of a grey area. They do have an excellent selection of official DLC for the game though.

I’ll also second @KestrelPi’s recommendation of the digital version of Mysterium (with friends and voice chat).

EDIT: Also would like to recommend Armello! As a digital boardgame it feels magical sometimes. A really fun translation of boardgame mechanics into a video game that still captures the tabletop feel (and is even quite fun solo)!


It does an OK job of explaining things from a mechanics perspective, but you will definitely need to watch some YT to properly understand what’s happening on a strategic level.