Favourite Flash/Browser games?


I know that Flash/Browser games are no longer huge like they used to but I still think they are an interesting sub-group of video games when you look at them. I remember playing a lot of random flash games on the Internet when I was younger, so I’m curious to know if you have any that you would like to share and discuss. If you want, you can link the URL to the games on your post so that we can try playing them.


They’re maybe not all browser games, but this thread might be worth a look: Good Online Idle/Background Games?


A pair of games that I love and replay all the time even though they are the same every time are Every Day the Same Dream by Molleindustria and Today I Die by Daniel Benmergui.

I played pretty much everything on gamedesign.jp but I liked (and played) Stained Glass the most. The Baseball Club is good too, but it seems like it’s rigged. I think it took me over 50 seasons to get to the quarter finals once. Then I figured out how to break the game.

And speaking of baseball, remember that Winnie the Pooh homerun derby game on Disney Japan’s website? That sure was popular for a hot minute.


Bloon Tower Defense was and still is the best tower defense game.

There was also a pretty good one about defending a picnic from ants.


Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure

Ponycorns are great because they’re ponies AND unicorns!


Well my more sophisticated answer was already taken (Today I Die) soooo



I haven’t played these games in awhile, but I used to sink hours into them:

They also have a couple sequels that are great as well.


A bona fide classic:


I spent so much time in typing class playing these when the teacher wasn’t looking:

The Grow Series (along the left side of the site), simple but super charming puzzles.

Powder Game, a fluid simulation toy with amazing user made levels.


A relatively recent browser game; Universal Paperclips. It runs on javascript and is a mostly text-based idle clicker (also known as incremental game). Unlike many other idle clickers, Universal Paperclips is quite short, and an optimised playthrough could take under 3 hours (my first ever playthrough was 9 hours and my best time is just a touch over 2 hours)


I can recommend a quite recent strategy MMO called Islandoom. Especially when you play with others it’s really cool.


My friends and I spent so much time playing flash stuff on nitrome when we were like ten, eleven, twelve but I hadn’t thought about those games in ages! I think Cave Chaos was my favourite because you could sort of imagine there was a narrative there - me and my sister would trade off on the controls every level because we found it unbelievably hard to play straight through

edit: ALSO: dino run!