Favourite Mario Sports Title?


Hey fellow Waypoint fans!

The summer weather where I live has naturally got me thinking about video games, specifically sports titles. As you can tell from the title of this topic though, I’m not really picturing Madden or NHL.

For as much as people joke about Mario’s sports themed spin-offs, there are games in that series that I absolutely love and would be so happy to see a sequel too. Mario Kart is the obvious choice for many people in this category and I would be overjoyed to see which game in that series is your most treasured.

But I am more interested in the more… Less drivey sports. Mario Golf, Mario Strikers, Mario Baseball, the list goes on and on! My personal favourite is probably the original Mario baseball for Gamecube. I have had so many amazing couch competitive sessions with that game and the sheer number of characters and team comps leads to so many interesting turns of events. Plus the story mode is actually super rad?

A brief follow up question, which sport would you like to see Mario & friends take up in future standalone games? I would love to see Mario Hockey.


Mario Strikers was such a cool game and actually made Soccer fun. I remember playing so much of that game with my little brother. I also have a soft spot for that mario baseball game. It wasn’t a super fully featured baseball game but it was fun for what it was.


Ignoring Mario Kart and all of its iterations, sports games are actually a woefully under-represented category in my gaming curriculum for whatever reason. I did play the hell out of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on the GCN with my older brother back in the day, though. And if someone wanted to jam on a Mario Tennis game, we’d jam. I never actually owned any of those games though.

To answer your question, it’d/interesting to see Mario & Friends Backyard Sports as sort of a minigame collection a la WiiSports, where the Mario gang play stuff like badminton, horseshoes, and cornhole.


Mario Superstar Baseball on the Gamecube is legit one of my favourite games ever. it’s the best arcade baseball game I’ve ever played…it inspires such a fun sense of competitiveness when you’re playing against someone, and the gameplay is super super good. tons of fun, unique characters to build a team out of, fun parks with cool gimmicks, just a joyous game to play. also, because I’m an Enormous Nerd, I love that it shows you all the stats after each game.

second favourite would be Strikers Charged on the Wii, what a blast that game is. fucking hard against the CPU, though, or maybe I’m just awful at soccer games.

I have big soft spots for Mario Tennis on the N64 and the N64 & GC Mario Golf games, the only forms of golf I can really enjoy. Mario Hoops 3 on 3 on the DS was also fun when it came out, but I haven’t played it in like 10 years, so idk what I’d think of it now!

loving the Backyard Sports reference, @MC_Gigglepants. absolute classics.


Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Superstar Baseball on Gamecube still hold up very well. They kind of filled the niche of arcade sports games for years on Nintendo consoles where other franchises sort of abandoned them. I love the career/story mode on Mario Superstar Baseball, it’s like building up your team in an RPG only for baseball


the connectivity between the GC and the GBA versions of mario golf were super cool

I loved being able to bring my little rpg kid in the bigger game and gain experience for having done so


one time we rented Mario Power Tennis and on the first day I sprained my thumb from tennising to vigorously. It was only a one week rental though so I played through the pain.


Mario Tennis for the N64 is probably my favorite Mario sports title. I remember playing a ton of that game when it first came out. Been wanting to pick up another sports title, might need to check out Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS. A friend mentioned it was pretty fun.


I’ll be honest, the reference was completely unintentional. On that note however, Backyard Baseball was my fucking jam on the old iMac G3 at my daycare, if you’ll pardon my language.


Probably Mario Power Tennis for me.


Mario & Sonic @ the Rio Olympic Games