Favourite SMT Demon? (Image Intensive)


Demons (or Personae) in the Shin Megami Tensei series always sort of waver toward me between “man that’s really cool” and “geez that’s… Probably really offensive” But on the whole I tend to find the designs mostly really very good? Even if I might have to ignore the context for some.

What are some of your favourites? I don’t want to start the thread with a showstopper but I would be remiss not to share this… Thing

What legendary creature is this you might ask? What figure of mythology or fantastical beast?

That’s right. Chemtrails.


My experience with SMT is basically just SMT IV and watching my little brother play some Persona but I’m really into the Moirae’s designs:



A bit gory:


I love most of the priestesses, Apsara especially, because she reminds me of Shiva from Final Fantasy X.

I held onto Centaur longer because he was one bad ass starter, but while I was looking for an image of the former two, I found this one of Merkabah. Wishlisting.



“More accurately, “Lucifer Wannabe Frost,” this demon doesn’t actually have much to do with Lucifer. A Jack Frost who betrayed the Frost clan, he was exiled to Hell, where he saw Lucifer frozen in his lake of tears. Believing that this demon was the fabled “Snow Overlord” he was searching for, he tried many different things and was eventually able to impersonate Lucifer. He then returned to Hell to become Lucifer’s minion, but by then Lucifer had vanished.”


So… Cu Chulainn,

i beat Persona 5 with him and all but he has a history, a legacy, he

is a talented boy,

and i think he’s very helpful and has a lot to add, as a person, to the world, and


I’m still in the middle of playing SMT IV (my first entry in the series) but Mothman is amazing


Doesn’t get any better than Thanatos in my humble opinion. Looks like a dang Evangelion!


My Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment Children and Big Body Black Frost.



Mothman’s knocked down pose in P5 is maybe the most heartbreaking thing in video games


I’m kinda surprised no one posted this guy yet:


I love most all of Kazuma Kaneko’s designs, but off the top of my head…
The seraph design used in Strange Journey really captures the creepy, sinister nature of the angels in SMT

And while not technically a demon, I can’t not mention the Terminator from SMT II, which just all around owns


I didn’t like many of the new demon designs in SMT IV, but there were a couple standouts, with this fella at the top of the list:

My series favorite is probably Pixie, in all of her various incarnations:


Oh god yeah Minotaur is really good. I love that it’s snout is a skull.


Kaneko has a way of making designs that feel oddly classy despite their subject matter. His art has a way of being sexual without necessarily feeling sexist in the way Akihiko Yoshida’s work often does these days, or the way anyone at NIS or just anyone making a fighting game of any sort seems to be doing at all times. Which is not to say he is perfect in that regard by ANY means (and that’s before you get into any debates about cultural appropriation around his work). But at his best I have a huge amount of respect for his talent and his eye for making his characters seemingly own their sexuality in a way few do.


Mine’s gotta be Kikuri-hime:


Ooh, I have a lot of favourites, but Lilith and Vivian immediately spring to mind.


Kaguya Hime from P4G. If I ever play Persona 5 again, I’m definitely buying her DLC set.


Kaguya Hime is a character from a very famous Japanese folk story called Taketori Monogatari (竹取物語), “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” She was found by a Bamboo cutter inside a stalk of Bamboo. The cutter raised her as his own daughter and she became very renown throughout Japan for her beauty. Many men came to ask for her hand in marriage but she refused them all. Eventually the Emperor of Japan also heard of her beauty and desired to marry her. She refused him as well, however, he still continued to love her even though they never married.

Eventually it was revealed that she was from a group of celestial people who lived on the moon. They came to take her back, and when the Emperor heard this he sent guards to protect her. They were unable to stop the Celestial messengers, but before Kaguya left for the moon she gave a small portion of the Elixir of Life to the Emperor so that if he drank it he might live forever. The Emperor decided he did not want to live forever without her so he ordered a messenger to take the elixir to the top of the highest mountain in the land and burn it. This mountain was Mt. Fuji and it is believed to be a possible cause for the name of the mountain. In different kanji 不死 can be read as “Fushi” or “Fuji” which would mean “immortal.” However the kanji used today for the mountain are different, (富士).