Favourite Waypoint Segments (2019 Edition)

The post-pod Dino talk on Waypoints 24 really got me.
Starts at around 2:20:10 ends at 2:28:41.
“If a dinosaur honked at me, I would laugh.”

In Waypoints 24 about 1:21:10 - 1:23:40, that whole Dragon Prince ‘mirror’ segment killed me. All of the moving parts–Rob and Austin’s increasing seriousness, Natalie’s "Wait"s, Cado’s laughter in the background–all came together to produce something truly magical.


Back again with another quality Waypoint moment–look, it’s not my fault, they keep putting very good #content.

Anyway in episode 231, the gang was talking about the anime-ness of Dragon’s Dogma, which prompted Austin to reminisce about the game’s original opening. Or in his words, “the most anime bullshit about it”. At about 41:30 - to 42:10 is the setup, and beginning at about 01:07:10…the payoff. I’m not feeling the best today, but this straight up brought me back to life.


These E3 streams/pods over the past couple days have had some primo Waypoint content :ok_hand:

Particularly I wanna shout out the Mummy/Scorpion King segment from the Day 0 pod (about 02:32:30 to 02:37:25)


I was laughing out loud at the whole segment where they listed and reacted to the games on the Windows Game Pass


Steamworld Dig 2…“hell yeah”
Sunset Overdrive…“Hell Yeah!”
Super Lucky’s Tale…“HELL YEAH!”
Supermarket Streak…“that seemed okay, that seemed alright”


The part in “Jet Lag Radio” where the crew (Austin and Patrick’s stories are what really stuck out for me) discussed the cost and experiences that come allow with being an introvert who has to be “on” in public at times. Man, did that ever hit home, particularly the bit about not wanting to hear a human voice for days. Extremely honest and good.


The part near the end of episode #244 where they watch the ad. Starts at 2:35:20.


the entirety of episode 245 is probably my favorite waypoint episode.


Ditto. If not the whole episode can’t count as a segment, I say Rob’s intro was * chef’s kiss *.


the most recent waypoints episode has to be up there for me. especially the portion regarding episode six but the whole thing was brilliant. Gonna save my thoughts on the episode for when I catch up in one of the eva threads.

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If there was a compilation of Waypoint 2019 then the Rob disclaimer absolutely needs to be the preface to it all.


I say this is in most endearing way possible… Rob’s disclaimer could start before about 95% of the podcasts–definitely every Monday episode–and it would be completely appropriate and I would laugh every time.


I’m not sure which episode it was (one of the E3 ones?), but Rob’s sudden interest in Pokemon as soon as he heard about Drednaw was extremely cute.


The disclaimer obviously.

Also during one of the E3 podcasts where after a weird cut Austin comes back in mid explaining the Hard Times promo. After being in a dream like state throughout these podcasts it snapped me out/deeper into that mood. A very big “where am I” mood


Haven’t been posting segments here as much as I was orginally planning to but I had to for this one:
Episode 249 (1:31:13 to 1:31:48): Rob talks about his biggest video game regret.


patrick revealing that he ate chocolate chip pancakes every day for TEN YEARS?!?


So after Rob brought back the knife vs bat discourse I couldn’t help but notice some similarities to the original Giant Bomb discussion and had to compare the two. I don’t know if this turned out good or not but it was the kind of idea that I couldn’t stop thinking about until I finally made it, so here you go. Left channel is Giant Bomb, right channel is Waypoint.


Not sure if these were mentioned earlier, but two of my favorites:

  • The beginning of Episode 224: Smells Like Sea Spirit: the group dragging Noah Smith generally, his “Cowboy Bebop is the most neoliberal anime” take specifically, group-watching the Smells Like Teen Spirit scene from Pan ft. Hugh Jackman, and Austin imploring Rob to “keep Newsies’ name out [your] mfing mouth”.
  • The beginning of Waypoints 27: Double Shirt Score:
    PATRICK: Austin, are we wearing the same shirt again?
    AUSTIN: We’re wearing the same shirt again!
    BOTH: Yes! Yes!
    AUSTIN: Power play! Double word score, double shirt score!
    NATALIE: Wow, this is strong energy!
    AUSTIN: Strong energy! Five star podcast, five star runtime!

Don’t be an anime narc. Don’t be a shareholder. (Waypoint Radio Ep. 251 02:02:30 - 02:08:30)

(for proper context, Waypoints Ep. 22. 01:09:55 - 1:14:40)