Favourite Waypoint Segments (2019 Edition)


when they were talkin about what the fuck you do in hundred acre woods and austin says “chill, smoke weed” and natalie goes “oh BOTHER” in a “oh HELL yea” way


i’ve been muttering dush du-dush du-dush du-dush to myself when doing chores ever since it dropped, truly iconic


The entire past 2 months have been absolutely incredible and I’m at the point now where I’m looking forward to every pod release and wish there were more.

It was extremely cathartic for me to hear the dunkfest on Centrism in the Slate Politcal Gabfest Waypoints episode, god I needed it.


I mentioned it in the first KH podcast thread but Austin asking “Does essence precede existence?” fucking killed me.

Also their reaction to Goofy’s death was pure bliss.


Recalling from memory here, but two moments that stuck with me are from Rob:

  1. Don’t recall the exact circumstances, but Rob mentioned something along the lines of how employers assume risk on behalf of employees. Essentially, employers gamble with the livelihoods of others; they reap the rewards, and offload the losses onto the employees.
  2. Rob’s rant about how nobody gives a shit about the fucking comma in the second amendment. As if our problems lie in the ambiguity of the amendment rather than the people and institutions in power.


Lore Reasons episode 3 (30:56-32:45) when Austin tells the crew a Xehanort theory and Natalie breaks into “someBODY once told me that Xehanort’s a nobody”. I absolutely lost it. Incredible.

All the Waypoint podcasts have been extra good lately. Y’all are on fire!


Maybe they shouldn’t leave the control room. The room may be cursed but the bits are chef kiss.


Waypoints 20 (~1:31:13 til end): I don’t really know how to summarise this but between “bink, bink” and “I’m trying to get sad!”, it’s a good 5 minutes. Also, “oh no I might have the giggles” is something I will be using day-to-day for at least two weeks.


Waypoint Radio 224
47:47 - 48:32
“Is that what he can’t find? Or can he not find that cheque.”


The post-pod Dino talk on Waypoints 24 really got me.
Starts at around 2:20:10 ends at 2:28:41.
“If a dinosaur honked at me, I would laugh.”


In Waypoints 24 about 1:21:10 - 1:23:40, that whole Dragon Prince ‘mirror’ segment killed me. All of the moving parts–Rob and Austin’s increasing seriousness, Natalie’s "Wait"s, Cado’s laughter in the background–all came together to produce something truly magical.


Back again with another quality Waypoint moment–look, it’s not my fault, they keep putting very good #content.

Anyway in episode 231, the gang was talking about the anime-ness of Dragon’s Dogma, which prompted Austin to reminisce about the game’s original opening. Or in his words, “the most anime bullshit about it”. At about 41:30 - to 42:10 is the setup, and beginning at about 01:07:10…the payoff. I’m not feeling the best today, but this straight up brought me back to life.