Favourite Waypoint Segments (2022 Edition)

In the spirit of previous threads in 2018 and 2019, I thought it would be cool to have a thread for this year where everyone can put their favourite bits from podcasts and streams. I always end up forgetting most of the moments I enjoyed by the end of the year, so here’s a place to collate all of that. Include things that were funny, insightful, important or just sticks in your mind.

Links are appreciated, as are timestamps for podcasts. Since Twitch has poor ways to search and filter for clips, anything you may have clipped from a stream is also very much welcome. If anyone has anything from the community to share such as this or this, that’s cool too.

To get the ball rolling, here’s Rob talking about some food on the hit new show, A Coffee Appears: Twitch

Patrick vs Cado on the links: Twitch


Patrick and Cado play a little King’s Field: Twitch

Whoever is doing the thumbnails for the Youtube vids is hitting it out of the park.

(OK, figured out how to embed twitch clips, gotta use the clips[dot]twitch[dot]tv link)


First week of February!
Rough timestamps to account for ads:
Waypoints 48 (~2:34 to ~27:14): Rob guesses the value of Bungie. Followed by talk of how the acquisition by Sony influences the latter’s desire for more live service games, as well as the effects of consolidation. Also in this episode, Rob brings back the old Waypoints intro AND outro!

5 streams for the past week, including Cado putting on his deerstalker and looking at how Pokemon shrink when they faint:Direct Link

Cado becomes an ace pilot in Highfleet: Direct Link

A Coffee Appears, where Rob tries to get Star Wars Rebellion to work while talking about his new phone: Direct Link

Making new friends in King’s Field IV (CW: very big spider): Direct Link

The crew finally achieve victory in Back4Blood, but it wasn’t smooth sailing: Direct Link


Technically last year, but there’s no topic for it and I’m just catching up now, so it counts: every part of Kirby’s Dream Course, but especially when it goes real bad.


Immediately thought of this thread after watching the last ~15 minutes of the powerpoint stream, which had me laughing/smiling so hard my entire head and face started aching.

(The whole stream before that is extremely fun too!)


Reference to the last Elden Ring stream (not up on Youtube yet)
from https://twitter.com/Sir5000/status/1497335451278995458


Forgot to post this from a couple of weeks ago: Direct Link

Episode 471 (~29:40 to ~30:35): The crew talks about tactics for defending a position, and a certain someone gets caught in the crossfire. This pod also contains delectable morsels such as “what’s the opposite of plot armour? Plot bullets!” and calling the kids from the beginning from the Halo show “drugged up Hindenburgs”.

Also, Austin made a special guest appearance for the mini Savepoint: Direct Link

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Personal reminder to watch back the keeb building stream at the end of the year. #cadoplayocean
with such hits as the cable is hot and poggers poggers poggers.

Episode 474: Personal reminder to re-listen to Rob’s audio saga from the first hour of this episode.
Episode 476 (~5:40): “My wife - regrettably - has decided to seek the Elden Ring” is the best segue of the year.

Gettysburg going to be the shortest 101 ever: Direct Link

Top tier thumbnail over here

~BONUS~ Shout out to Jeff Grubb: Direct Link