Faygo easter egg in Mario and other weird cross brand synergy!

There are certainly many video game secrets that have remained hidden for a long time, but this one might be the most important that I’m aware of. Recently on instagram Faygo reposted a photo from user 4twiztid2ninja0 of Promotional Mario x Faygo cans and bottles with the caption “What would you say if we told you there was a Faygo Easter egg in the game that no one has found to this day?”.
There’s just one problem though. Faygo doesn’t specify which game the easter egg is hidden in. According to Rosco at FaygoLuvers.net, these promotional Faygo sodas were part of a promotion for the Super Mario Bros. movie in 1993, so the easter egg could be hidden in any game released around that time including Super Mario All-Stars, as well as Mario is Missing. I feel like it’s unlikely that a reference to a soda brand would make it into a mainline Mario game, so I’m worried that it’s possible that whoever runs Faygo’s instagram is having a bit of fun and spreading some playground rumors. I truly want to believe that Mario is down with the clown though.

I’ve reached out to Faygo, but if anyone has any information about this (or would just want to share other weird or buckwild video game cross promotions), feel free to discuss!

Whoop, whoop?

(For real, though, my Google-fu turns up nothing except blogs and a single Reddit thread, where it’s speculated that this is most likely a joke.)

Heard recently that there’s a cross-promotion going on between Sonic Forces and Hooters. Seems weird, although somehow not entirely off brand for the 3D games.