Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark

A recently released Final Fantasy Tactics alike that just came out on PC, PS4, and Xbone today after a stint in early access.It’s art is a tad, off, to be honest and nothing about the writing has stood out to me in the time I have been playing but it plays quite well and have found it well worth the cash I spent on it, and thought I would start a thread here to talk about it more either with people or with myself as I play more.

Some things of note:

Tons of difficulty options beyond hard and easy modes. It lets you set things like rather you want extra enemies, or if they should be able to use revive spells the same way you can along with what the penalty for a character falling in battle is

I may not love the art style itself but you can customize any non story character’s appearance from a good number of outfits and hair styles. Not a lot in the way of body shape diversity sadly though

The class system they use is more or less lifted from Final Fantasy Tactics and that is A Good Thing

Some downsides (albeit pretty minor ones as I have found):

Not a ton here but there’s a few sexy demon ladies that I find a bit eyeroll worthy but the game is pretty good on not making that the default for women in the game so eh just wish they’d done something more interesting there

There’s a race of fantasy comedy relief merchants and that always seems to play off old shitty antisemitic tropes and I am sure it was not intended that way it would be nice if that wasn’t a thing

The main cast is pretty white and is always a bummer

The art of the game implies it’s going for more of a whimsical Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced sort of story but it really wants to be the first FFT or tactics ogre and it just does not work as much as it wants it to

Hitoshi Sakimoto did not write the soundtrack but this is true of most games so I will forgive it this time

No foxes that I have found I can not forgive this one I am afraid


I was really interested in this game. I picked it up as soon as it hit EA, but only played a couple hours. I was meh on the art style and really didn’t love the generic customizable units. There are a lot of options, but, for me, not many of them looked really good together.

But I’m curious to know how your playthrough goes.

Thus far it really is the gameplay that carries it. There’s been one or two story beats that have stood out but only like, barely, but if you like this style of gameplay it is the best game in this genre to come out since that Tactics Ogre remake. The difficulty is a bit all over the place but not absurdly so, and I am not sure the injury system adds anything given that you can just go back and do a generic patrol mission to get rid of them but on the whole the game is a very solid B and there’s nothing wrong with that

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