Fellow Gamers, What’s Your Favorite Video Game Toilet?

Waypoint published a piece this week about a professor who’s cataloged more than 2,000 soda machines in video games, which got Danielle, Rob, and myself thinking about the different ways games choose to represent the most innocuous parts of real-life. It’s always handy to have an excuse to get very nostalgic about flushing toilets in Duke Nukem 3D.

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My absolute favorite measure of a cyberpunk world is the quality of showers. The new Deus Ex games have some fantastic showers, and I always ask myself how terrible an ideology I’d be complicit in if it means having those good, good showers.

Also, the Tacoma space toilets are cool.

de_dust2!!! am i right folks!!!

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The toilets in Observer are why it’s a horror game.

Is this it? Is it over? Have we closed the book on video game discourse?

“We could do a whole podcast on in-game advertising” PLEASE. One of my favourite parts about Austin’s The Crew roadtrip video is everybody geeking out over Urbakery, Boris Coffee, Portuguese Book and the other very good fake ads in that game.

Or if you don’t have 5 hours to watch a fake video game road trip (it’s great stuff to have on while you’re working, I’ve found), there’s this.


Posted this in a separate thread on this very forum way back, but Andy Kelly over at PC Gamer is the authority on this matter!


The toilet in Bioshock Infinite with the two potatoes in it.

The toilet in Prey with the mimic in it.

Both levels designed by Shawn Elliott, as far as I know.

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That delight they were expressing about exploring the minute details of an in-game environment, and pushing to find the edges of what the devs decided was worth spending a high res texture on, is a huge part of dollhouse miniatures and model railway scene too!

You better believe when I’m putting together a loungeroom scene that the books in the bookshelf have been carefully chosen to say something about the occupier of that space. Maybe this person has a bunch of half finished knitting projects laying around, maybe the furniture is little scuffed up, the photos on the wall aren’t quite level, etc etc. Crafting those spaces and purposely putting inconsistencies in there because no real person is perfectly consistent either. It’s a real delightful thing to do, and watching other people explore the scene and discover all the small details is wonderful


I can’t let this question be asked without pumping up PushingUpRoses’ fantastic examination of the role of bathrooms in video games.

Also, my favorite must be the 3D Modeled Toilet in Mike Dawson’s ol’ thinkin’ spot, the bathroom at his mother’s house in Dark Seed II:


this one tbh i’ve never laughed so hard at a toilet joke it my life. this clip is from Home Sweet Home btw

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I’m surprised nobody mentioned Hearthstone during the discussion of arcade vs F2P business models, The Arena mode in Hearthstone seems like exactly that sort of arcade experience. Well, also kinda similar to a TCG draft.



the toilets in half-life 2 blew my mind back in the day since they’d break into pieces if you smashed them with the grav gun. at least i think they did? i distinctly remember being amazed by how cool and realistic video games had gotten.

I skip a lot of the podcasts simply due to not being knowledgeable / interested in many areas of games and gaming culture, and I think it says something about my sensibilities that the episode title and its promise of discussion w/r/t toilets and gaming’s other mundane little details made this an instant download for me.

Obvious seconding of the Deus Ex and Alien Isolation examples (and pretty much anything Danielle said); and I’d like to add the dumbwaiters in Thief (resurrected, of course, by Dishonoured), complete with annoyed notices pinned to them.

Would it be cheating to mention the Chron-o-john from Day of the Tentacle, as well?

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While I can’t touch on the toilets in particular, the minute attention to detail is one of the reasons I love Brendon Chung’s work so much. The apartment level in Quadrilateral Cowboy is a clear example, with every book on multiple shelves having it’s own unique title and every part of the bathroom from the shower and sink to the handsoap on the counter being interactive, even though none of it has any part in the puzzles.

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The one I never have to use because I have a gamer’s bladder. :wink: