Few Gaming Moments in 2020 Were More Satisfying Than Mastering 'Hades'

There was a moment several hours into playing Hades that I could feel the frustration mounting. The game's beautiful third area, Elysium, has an especially troublesome boss, in that you're tasked with facing two of them simultaneously. Their tells are tricky, and every time I faced the duo felt like an act of desperation. Even if I made it to the other side, there was no sense of victory or pride. Instead, I limped to the final area, so thoroughly beaten down and weakened that attempting the game's final area seemed pointless. Death awaited. 

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After reading this I’m disappointed that it doesn’t sound like Patrick engaged with the pact of punishment because I just want to see him turn extreme measures up to 3 and experience the beauty of Theseus and Asterius’ new form


It’s such a great moment! Some of the Middle Management stuff is fun as well. The time limits really helped me learn to get through the game faster, too.

I definitely think there’s a split between “people who played Hades more for the story completion” and “people who played Hades for the ‘challenge’ options”.


I have never really been the latter type, but with Hades I think I firmly have a foot in both categories. I just like it that much.