‘FIFA 18’ Feels Like an Action Replay of What We’ve Already Seen

At this point in the soccer series, any changes to the action are mostly surface level. So why bother updating at all?

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As much as I love FIFA, I’ve started to adopt the every other year approach. Though, the Alex Hunter mode looks like it has all the fun melodramatic hooks that I enjoy in sports.

Confession: I picked up FIFA 17 (after almost a decade of ignoring the series) because it had a cute guy on a bright, yellow cover and my Playstation was all “Look at this new thing!!!”

It turned out to be a great buy. I loved The Journey, it was a fun way to learn the ropes and it had a surprisingly pleasant (but not deep) story with a black male protagonist.

Okay, so Confession #2: It was actually kind of shocking to see Alex as the lead for an uplifting story in a AAA videogame, so my pleasant feelings towards it and my general surprise made my reintroduction to the way complicated FIFA such a delight that, yeah, I could totally see myself buying what is, essentially, FIFA 17+ (once the price dips down a bit).

Also, very excited to see the playlist for this year because, dang, I love their music choices.

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Is Mike just angry today? He wrote nothing but negativity about what out at E3.

I’d love if FIFA was a subscription where I just pay $8 a month to have all my rosters updated in real time. Because that’s mostly what I’m paying for tbh.

As far as game play changes go, I just ask that they fix the shit AI and player nerfing when you’re doing well. Nothing worse than winning three games in a row (by regular margins, even) and getting into a league cup match against a lower division team and all your players feel like they’re running in oatmeal.

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