Fifa..but made by Paradox


Hey i’ve been playing Fifa more than any other video game series for the past three years and I have no idea why. I don’t play ultimate team or seasons or any of the competitive stuff I only stick to one mode, manager.

I really hate that I buy a game every year to play a mode that experiences little change in between iteration. I was wondering if people on here know a lot about Fifa and would like to talk about its manager mode.

I’ve been watching people play EU4, Crusader Kings 2, and of course waypoint VICE’s Stellaris content. I have noticed that a lot of the features that I like about fifa’s manager mode hold some waterdown similarities with the systems and themes of these types of games.

I would really like to read anyones thoughts on this as it is something I think about a lot but don’t completely understand. Also i would like for EA to put a lot of effort in their manager mode this year like I want so many more systems i wish Paradox would just make this game. I think although I mentioned these grand strategy games, fifa’s manager mode is also comparable to something like Mount and Blade due to the duality of action and strategy in both games. Mount and blade is one of my favorite games and I cant wait for bannerlord but thats beside the point. I know football manager exists but I don’t have a lot of experience with that game is that what im looking for?


I think Football Manager might be what you’re looking for.


Last time I played crusader Kings 2 I assassinated my deadbeat son and changed the entire monarchy structure to install my neice as the new King of Ireland. If soccer had half the political intrigue and emergent gameplay of CK2 I would play it in a heartbeat.


haha im looking into it definitely! i knew there was a reason this game is always a bestseller on steam.


let me introduce you to arsenal fan tv


Yep, I was always more into Premier Manager than Championship Manager back in the day but as only one of those series is still going strong 25 years later (the original ChampMan team/developer change publisher so changed name to Football Manager) then it’s a pretty clear choice for something with a bit more depth than FIFA’s management mode.

If you’re looking for how deep into the Paradox-style events that game can get, look up how Brexit (with three different types of exit) are simulated as events in Football Manager 2017. It kinda is the same genre, only less assassinating the Pope and more kicking a leather ball.

Also episode 1 of the (new) Waypoint UK Podcast is all about Football Manager 2017.


I’ve arrived in the same situation. I have little interest in UT and primarily stick to the manager career. I’ve realized that I just want a combination of FIFA’s gameplay with the in-depth management of FM.

The limitations in FIFA’s manager careers are frustrating at best, but the simulation of FM feels stale.


i havent experiences the simulation yet but im really curious in it.

ive recently found that taking a EFL 2 team (Plymouth Argyle) and taking them all the way to the Premier League has been very fulfilling. Although i’ve upgraded my team in a way i find to be realistic (the mixture of washed up veterans like Snodgrass and Schweinsteiger and building up young recruits from bigger PL teams) the PL teams are extremely easy.

I play on legendary so the gameplay is challenging enough but its like 2020 and Man U still is buying 90 million pound strikers they keep on the bench for whatever reason and none of the lower teams like Watford or Hull City seem to be capitalizing on any transfers that will give them upward mobility! its stuff like this i find the most frustrating


Exactly, the stagnation that happens after even one season is almost heartbreaking.


Yep, you should definitely try Football Manager, even if no one should ever play Football Manager. Football Manager hates every single one of us.


I could swear there was a japanese developed game on the PS2 that was vaguely this, that didn’t do to well but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it

wonder if anyone else remembers this